What does fantasy mean?


I keep using the phrase bringing fantasy to life to describe narrative jewellery and the visual storytelling route i’m following within my current jewellery practices which has lead me to question exactly what fantasy is (which in itself is a rather large question, not one to merely be summed up in one blog, but it is a starting point!).


The dictionary defines fantasy as:

ScreenHunter_10 Mar. 07 19.21

I love definition 1. imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained, and that is at its base essentials what fantasty is; imagination unrestrained.

But delve beyond that surface and you get desires; conscious and subconscious, you get dreams, there are aspirations and goals beyond our reach, you find intimate thoughts and sexual yearnings, you see images of unicorns and faeries and all those little creatures not present in our reality, you find inventions that haven’t been made yet, there are illusions that prevent us from seeing reality, you find a place to escape from the harshness in our world,  a place to be afraid and safe and feel despair and jealousy and joy and euphoria and all the extreme extents that human emotion stretches to. A place that is free and unrestrained.

ScreenHunter_11 Mar. 07 19.38






Are they the main aspects? If i want to make it obvious and simple… yeah, those are the main parts that fantasy encapsulates… but as my rambling explanation above shows fantasy is more complex, with more layers and intricacies than purely faeries (by which of course i mean all the weird and wonderful shit we like to create), sex, dreams and illusions.


Fantasy is very much something i want to explore, not just now but throughout my artistic career (and just general life). It is such a rich topic to take inspiration from and bringing fantasy life seems like one of the best jobs i could have (other than rockstar of course)!


So, what does fantasy mean to you? 

(comment below, email me at chloehen21@aol.com, tweet me @ChloeHenderson9 or facebook me)

One comment i’ve had already is:

fantasy is that border between the mundane and the dream world where all is possible

which is just beautiful, and very much an element of fantasy that i love.

And another:

Fantasy is the oppertunity for your imagination to create it’s own universe

Send me your thoughts and fantasies!


Chloe out.


One thought on “What does fantasy mean?

  1. I wish I could come up with a good way of putting into words what exactly fantasy means, but it’s so very difficult…almost as difficult as trying to describe art.

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