Playing with animals.

Through my narrative jewellery searching i have found a new jewellery love: Felieke Van Der Leest

Unusual attributes like toy animals, crochet work and precious metals are being combined to form humorous and colourful jewellery and objects. The magic is not just in the unconventional combination of technique and materials but above all in the casual way that she presents this wonderful world ...”



Brian the Lion is my favourite piece of her work… because of his obvious coolness!














Her work combines so many aspects of jewellery and style that i love: bright bold colours, a beautiful kitsch charm, beading, stitching and various non-conventional aspects of jewellery making combined with precious metals and a joyful playfulness that is not only expressed through the use of the plastic toys but by the way she takes them apart and narrates them back together into wonderful 3-dimensional images that speak of her love for animals and their often humorous characters.


To see more of Felieke’s work visit her gallery.

Chloe out.


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