3-dimensional illustration

Becky Crow is one of my favourite jewellers so naturally i had to feature her in my study of narrative jewellery, especially as she describes her work is “3-dimensional illustration“.

A mixture of jewellery and three-dimensional illustration my work is designed to be both worn and displayed. With drawing as a starting point and the great outdoors as a source of wonder and constant inspiration, elements of narrative are captured in silver and transformed into miniature scenes telling out across the surface of a brooch or hanging as a pendant. The pieces are individually made by hand from sheet silver and copper with 9ct gold and 22ct gold leaf for detailing. The metal is pierced out, then textures or patterns are applied to the surface using a rolling mill. These components are then layered together, soldered, and finished with matt, oxidised and polished surfaces to add depth and tone.















Her work is so beautiful. Simple shapes, with textured and coloured metals used to define little stories and small overlooked aspects of life and transform them into wondrous little 3-dimensional microstories.

To see more of Becky’s work visit her gallery.

Chloe out.


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