NESTA Part 2 – Getting Off The Ground part 1

Not sure what NESTA is or what i’m even talking about? Head back to my previous post and all will be clear!

This section of the toolkit enables me to thin out the fuzziness and will help me to define what my business plan will be.


Okay, so first thing’s first: what is it that i want to do?

I’m an artist and jeweller. I make and design uniquely styled jewellery and art that tells stories, and i exhibit and sell my work around the world.


Now, why should my customers/clients/fans care?

Supporting an independent small business.

Storytelling matters.

Art and design matters.

I’m creating a product that is there for people to wear, tell stories with and about and most importantly enjoy.

Because i care.


Okay, so why am i doing what i’m doing (this needs to be clearly defined as WHY and not WHAT)?

Because i really believe that storytelling makes the world go round, and i’m furthering this using my own take on it with my own unique skills.


Now i’ve got to think about what my, and my businesses values are.


As you can see, in the worksheet i wrote down every value i could think of! So, i’ve collated them down into:

My Top 10 Values

1. Independence

2. Imagination

3. Creativity

4. Passion

5. Good, high-quality art and design


So part one is basically all about defining what it is that you’re doing…. i think i did okay!

I’ll leave it there for now, i’m off to research some mission statements…. see you soon for part 2!

Chloe out.


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