NESTA Part 1 – Arrivals and Destinations

As part of our Design and the Market module (ie. drawing up a business plan and learning how to create our own creative businesses within the world today) we are using the NESTA toolkit to aid us in thinking about how to develop our own creative ideas into a business.

For those of you (like me!) who have never heard of the NESTA toolkit before now and have no idea what i’m talking about, here is a handy little video explaining everything:

For me, i’m using this module as a way to brand myself and collate my creative skills into i guess what you would call a sole trader business. Basically i’d quite like to have my own jewellery business where i design and make jewellery that gets sold as retail, as well as making work that is exhibited in galleries; and doing so by using by individuality and unique take on the world of jewellery.

So, to collect those slightly fuzzy ideas into something i can use…… NESTA toolkit!

In my next few posts in this section i will try to do exactly that, and by the end i should have some idea of the shape my future business will be forming into.

See you on the other side………………

Chloe out.


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