Group Enterprise Research Project

As part of my Design and the Market module i’ve been grouped with all the lovely jewellers and we are setting out to research a business. Our task is to “identify an appropriate enterprise to research and produce a 20 minute presentation about that business.”

So, Step 1: Identify an appropriate enterprise

Using a magnifying glass to examine a cat's eyes

Our meeting discussing this step identified that we didn’t want to go so big that it would be hard to pick out any story behind the business or even discover who was running said business (for example somewhere like Hobbycraft or White Stuff) but we didn’t want to go too small or to a business that was so new that it would be hard to come up with a full 20minutes of research to speak about (like a singular jewellery designer). However, we did want it to be art/craft/design based, and hopefully within easy to reach distance away from us.

Our serious considerations were businesses like: Black Box Boutique in Edinburgh, Anthropologie, and Saint H.

After a weekend of meditation and further research (and SNOW!) we came back to discuss our thoughts. We had kinda of decided we were going for Saint H… until Sheila threw Concrete Wardrobe out onto the table and we fell in love with this idea.


Step 2: Research

So, next step… FIRST CONTACT! Sheila, already knowing James (one of the founders of Concrete Wardrobe) a little contacted him via the wonderful world of facebook and he has agreed to let us interview him :) Woohoo! We are in the process of fine-tuning the little details of times and dates and whatnots… but for now i will distract myself with personal research into Concrete Wardrobe and see what wonders i can find!

Stay tuned for my next post all about Concrete Wardrobe!

Chloe out.


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