Roller Derby Fire Station Photoshoot

A few months ago, i did my first real comissioned group photoshoot.

A rather sexy group photoshoot i might add!

A wonderful friend of mine, Morven Daisy Bell, has recently joined the Lothian Derby Dolls roller derby team and asked me if i would be ever so awesome and take some photos of them for a calendar to raise money for the team. Naturally i said yes!

So off the the fire station i wandered…..

My first question was why a fire station, it seemed so random, but it quickly made sence when it was explained that their month was November and it meant fireworks… fire engine… ahhh i see!

So, early in the morning we wandered down into Dalkeith Fire Station and were greeted by some lovely firemen :)

The sun was shining, a little cold, a little rain soaked but the the lighting was perfect and the girls were ready!

I quickly changed from normal shy girl into i’m a photographer do as i say mode!

This first shot is a little dark… so lovely firemen parked two lovely fire engines in the light for us.

This one is my personal favourite. It is almost perfect, everything about it is beautiful, except for that white car!

Finally we have coaxed some very brave firemen into taking some pictures with us :)

Hrmmm not so sure i can trust them with those axes!

Playing with firemen’s hoses…. teeheehee… yup, we were that immature ;P

Especially for you here are a couple of behind the scenes shots!


And of course what would a Chloe Henderson photoshoot be without some well desereved Candy Cupcake cupcakes :D

Visit them at Lothian Derby Dolls or follow them on twitter @LothianDerbyDol





And this is the winning shot that will be featured in the calendar:


And as soon as the link to buy the calendar is live, i will post it so ya’ll can buy it :)

Chloe out.


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