Clean up, wire twisting and soldering all together for Beth’s ring.

Process (13)


So, today i’m cleaning up the gun to start with.

Process (14)


A lot lot lot lot lot lot of filing and sanding later…

Process (16)


And it looks like this! Yay!

Process (17)


Now onto the shank. Twist two 60cm strands of 0.8mm fine silver wire together in a hand twist drill to a medium to to tight tension.

Process (19)


File down ends of wire, one end flat (to solder onto gun) and the other rounded (will sit at the end of ring).

Process (20)


Find a mandrel that’s 2cm in diameter to twist wire around.

Process (21)


Twist wire tightly and close together around steel rod.

Process (22)



Process (23)


Painstakingly place gun and shank in solder grain as a preparation for soldering.

Process (24)


Add a generous amount of solder past to join.

Process (25)


Fire and repeat for the end of the rope!


Smile and breathe :)

Pretty pictures coming tomorrow of the final piece all finished and awesome!

Chloe out.


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