Casting the gun for Beth’s ring.

The main part of Beth’s ring design is the cast gun. It is the centrepiece.

This is the model i will be using to cast. It’s a little toy gun i happened to find in a charity shop, it’s perfect for what the design needs (i got lucky with this one!). It’s a revolver, and it’s pretty much the exact size i need it to be.

Process (1)


So, on to the casting. I will be using the delft/sand casting process.

Step 1: slice up the clay/sand into a fine mix using a ruler.


Process (2)


Tip the fine, ground up sand into the casting mould. Make sure you are tipping it into the bottom (lip side down).


Process (3)


First push it in with your fingers, and then whack it with a round-ended hammer to really pack it in. It needs to be as fully packed with sand as possible.


Process (4)


Once packed, scrape off the top using the ruler and turn over. Now dust a thin layer of graphite powder over the sand and push in the model half way.

Process (5)


Put the two halves of the mould together. Making sure you line up the little line (this is important when it comes to putting it back together after removing the model).

Process (7)


Now repeat the same process, and tightly pack the mould with the sand.

Process (6)


Carefully take the mould apart and tease out your model.

Process (8)


You might need to spend a little time cleaning up the mould… some sand may have shifted and is easily fixed without having to start the whole process again! Push two funnels into the mould. This is where you will pour the metal, on the back round it off and make the funnel as wide as you can. Make little air holes next to the casting.

Process (9)


Now it’s time to pour the metal. Heat it up until molten in your crucible and pour… this is the part i needed to concentrate on so there are no photos!

Now with my first attempt you can see before i even take the mould apart that it hasn’t worked. There is a huge blob of silver on the top… which means i haven’t made my funnel wide enough! Back to the mould making and round two of casting!

Process (10)


Round two was a little more successful… but not quite! It didn’t quite flow all the way around. I made air hole closer to the thinner parts, and made the thinner parts thicker using my scalpel. Third time lucky!

Process (11)


Third time lucky indeed! This one is almost perfect. Although it hasn’t quite gone all the way along i quite like it, it is more like Beth’s design and more like a classic revolver. Thy name is serendipity!

Process (12)


Process (13)


Now comes the long, arduous task of cleaning up the casting…… zzzzzz…….. zzz….. *sore fingers*…… zzzz….. zzzz……..


Chloe out.



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