If you follow me on Instagram (username ChloeHenderson9 :) if you wanna follow my photos!) then you may have seen my photos that are #WireWords and wondered wtf crazy thing are you doing now?

Well my wonderful wonderers i am randomly leaving words that i’ve handmade from wire out in the world for you to find and instagraming (and facebooking and twittering them as they all be linked!) the photos with a clue. Why? Why not? I loved making the wire words for my Border Crossings project, and i haven’t really done anything with them since, so this is a way for me to get some of them out there!

If you find one, lemme know! Tweet, Instagram , email, Facebook, physically mail me a photo of your findings and i will be oh so happy :D

Here are a few that i have done so far:






Chloe out.


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