The Ring Exchange Project – Switching Time!

Today was design switching day!

I got Beth Spowart’s ring design:


I’m quite excited by this ring. I’m glad i like it! I was worried i would get a ring i didn’t like, because not liking something crushes motivation and creativity so i lucked out with this one!

I’ve not done much soldering with wire, so i’m a little nervous about that, but hopefully it will work out for me. The gun may also pose ma problem, i love carving out of wax so that bit will be good, but it is a pretty geometrical, intricate shape and i’m used to free-flowing organic shapes… well, that is what this project is all about! Pushing our boundaries and teaching us new techniques and ways of working!

I’m excited to get started!

Today i started off my braiding some copper wire together to give me an idea of what the ring shank will be like.


This was done by hand so i quite a loose braid, whereas the design calls for a tighter twist… but it gave me an idea of what the materials will do for me, and i now have a feel for the ring.


More playing with wire for me tomorrow!


Chloe out.


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