Show Off

So, it’s Saturday and it’s 9:32pm as i sit typing this, which means Show Off is over :(

But now frowns :) it was a wonderful experience and i’m really glad to have been a part of it, if you popped down you’ll have seen why.

Show Off was great for us students for so many reasons, not only was it a chance to sell our work (which is always a glorious feeling), but we were able to collaborate with other artists and designers to bring the show together, and then network with the same artists and designers, it was a chance to show off our work to the public and to allow the public to see what art students get up to and The Wellgate was the perfect venue for that, and because of Paula’s super organizing skills it was an opportunity for our work to be seen publicly through the media which was brilliant and last but not least it was fun!

Anyway, here are the sexy ass photos you came here for!

Show Off is taking over The Wellgate!

My display all set up today.

Later on in the day i decided to have a wee shuffle around of my display and see what it was like. With the help of Sheila Roussel it ended up like this! It draws attention to the necklaces that are sitting out flat, but i think i preferred it before, it was more unified and professional looking. But that’s what this show was all about… experimentation!


Now, enough about me, here are some photos of the other artists who were participating in the show.


Susan Macleod


Sheila Roussel


Ross Grubb


Rory Findlater


Rebecca Sarah Black


Power Out by Rosa Howie and Lucy Robertson


I can’t remember the name of the lovely lady who’s work this is!


Rebecca McGurk


Helen Sawyer and Dorothy Arnott


Ellis O’Connor


David MacKay


Becky Smith


There’s a talented bunch there!


Goodbye Show Off… you were wonderful!

Chloe out.

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