Show Off – Friday set-up!

Coming out from the cold into the toasty Wellgate Shopping Centre was lovely this morning, and even more lovely was the feeling that swept through my body as i caught my first glimpse of the set-up for Show Off. The whole team has done so magnificently, and it looks fantastic. Along with all the other participating DJCAD students i tenderly set up my display for the show and soon after arriving the whole show began to take shape.

Here are some of my pretty little pictures of the setting up process:

The empty space.


Empty crates just waiting for us to fill!


If you pop along, make sure you make a giant fortune teller and leave your comments about the show on it!

Coming together so beautifully…

This spikey chair is my favourite. Everytime i walk past i just have to touch it!

And there is my jewellery stand all set up and pretty! What do you think?


Now all you need to do is come along! ^


Chloe out.


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