Tony Orrico’s Penwald Drawings

Penwald Drawings are a series of bilateral drawings in which Tony Orrico explores the use of his body as a tool of measurement to inscribe geometries through movement and course.

 The master of each drawing is a conceptual score of Orrico’s efficacious techniques, imposed variables, and specified durations and/or objectives. 

 He explores the limitation of (or the spontaneous navigation within) the sphere of his outstretched arms, considering themes of repetition, locomotion, refraction, and eventual exhaustion. 

 He performs his ideas live as a shared process that yields a unique impression or print of the original concept.

The videos of Orrico actually performing the creation of these artworks are really interesting to watch, and i would thoroughly recommend you do watch them, click here to see the archived videos.

While reading through some information on Orrico, i was fascinated to discover that he is also a choreographer and his background is heavily influenced by dance.

There is something incredibly bizarre about watching the performances, it seems unreal. I find myself really drawn to these works, even without the knowledge of their creation, but even more so when i do.

Artwork that has a specific form of dramatic, or interesting creation really appeals to me. Maybe it’s something i could use within my own work for this module (and beyond)… note to self…. find out for about performance creation of artwork.



Chloe out.


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