The Medal Project – Drawings and plans for my medal.

If you saw my previous post, The Medal Project, you’ll know i’m currently designing an art medal using text.

To begin with i was purely trying to decide on a piece of text to use. As soon as i had this key part, i knew inspiration would strike… and it did!

I decided to go with my latest obsession, a lyric from a song from Amanda Palmer’s latest album Theatre is Evil. I narrowed it down to looking at the song Smile (Pictures or it didn’t happen).

Here is a clip of a live performance of Smile that i filmed at the most recent Amanda Palmer gig in Glasgow.


Sketchbook (1)

I think my main inspiration stems from the title and the ideas surrounding the song. I want to create a medal that captures our relationship with instant photo sharing and capturing the moment versus living in the moment.

This is my “pictures or it didn’t happen moment”

Sketchbook (2)

Like it says in my sketchbook, i love this photo, not only because it is in the only picture of me and my hero, the only recorded image of my interaction with her, but because you can barely tell it is me! It is truly a great example of a “pictures or it didn’t happen” moment!

I decided to do a little research into Instagram… as it is one of the best known and most popular instant photo sharing platforms.

Sketchbook (3)

Now i kinda knew what i was doing… i drew up a plan for a design:

Sketchbook (4)

And then came my final idea. The big one!

When at the recent Amanda Palmer gig i took this photo:

Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra 126

This photo, along with what Amanda Palmer said after her wonderful crowdsurfing, became the inspiration for my final design. I can’t find the exact quote, but after surfing over the crowd during Bottomfeeder, Amanda talked about her perception of the crowd below. She watched as people were torn between wanting to be a part of the performance, to engage in the moment of her floating over our heads and holding up a camera waiting to capture that moment. I was one of those people. I held my camera, and took lots of pictures, but in the split second i had to decide whether to capture her as she passed by, i dropped my camera and threw up my hands to hold her. I’m glad i did. I may have had a picture-perfect way to remember the moment, but then i wouldn’t have experienced the moment. It’s an odd one to describe… and this is kind of what i want my medal to feature. That torn feeling between wanting to capture and wanting to experience.

So here is my design.

Sketchbook (5)

And on the back of that i would etch in my “pictures or it didn’t happen” moment, and because the back would be left for me to etch, the etched side could really be any moment, anyone’s moment. That kodak moment… that instagram moment.

I’m gonna be sampling soon… and then i will try and make a prototype, to then make a final prototype to be casted into my final bronze medal! I may make some tweeks… but this is essentially the design i’m going with… what do you think?

Chloe out.


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