Wire twist samples for Beth’s ring.

Today i’ve been working on the shank part of Beth’s ring design.

I’ve been practicing twisting wire to create a rope like effect.

Wire Twist Samples (1)

Using the twist drill and a vice, i’ve been twisting different lengths, stands and tautness of wire to create different effects.

Wire Twist Samples (2)

Beth’s design calls for 0.8mm wire, so that is the thickness i’m using!

Wire Twist Samples (4)

Wire Twist Samples (12)

Here are some of the samples.

Wire Twist Samples (13)

I quite liked the tight twist, with two strands… so i made a ring out of it:

Wire Twist Samples (5)

Wire Twist Samples (3)


I quite liked the springyness of this ring, but wanted to see it longer!

Wire Twist Samples (6)


To form a ring, the twisted wire is tightly twisted around a mandrel or steel rod.

Wire Twist Samples (7)


Wire Twist Samples (8)


Wire Twist Samples (10)


Wire Twist Samples (11)


I really like the double strand, with a medium to tight twist and quite a long strand to create a quite thick ring. This is what the actual piece will look like… but with a gun attached! It will be quite rope like and springy when not tightly wrapped around the finger… making it look rather like a noose rope.


Chloe out.



If you follow me on Instagram (username ChloeHenderson9 :) if you wanna follow my photos!) then you may have seen my photos that are #WireWords and wondered wtf crazy thing are you doing now?

Well my wonderful wonderers i am randomly leaving words that i’ve handmade from wire out in the world for you to find and instagraming (and facebooking and twittering them as they all be linked!) the photos with a clue. Why? Why not? I loved making the wire words for my Border Crossings project, and i haven’t really done anything with them since, so this is a way for me to get some of them out there!

If you find one, lemme know! Tweet, Instagram , email, Facebook, physically mail me a photo of your findings and i will be oh so happy :D

Here are a few that i have done so far:






Chloe out.

Today I made a leather cuff!

Today we had a leather workshop with Kat Marks.


I think i may have found a new material love….. the vegetarian in me is shocked and horrified but the artist in me is excited and proud of the cuff she made! Hrmm… i’m a little torn with this one, but then again if i really cared i’d be an all-natural, everything handmade from the most ecological materials i could find, no transport other than my feet, no heating, no electricity, no washing vegan! And i’m just too selfish for that. In that case i will look at it as, my family are not vegetarians, i am just using the leather from all the meat they eat, really i’m just helping not to cause waste….. okay, that was flimsy even for me! The vegetarian, animal-lover in me is going to stop talking now and the artist who loves leather is gonna come out and be all proud of her cuff and tell ya’ll all about it!

Bye bye vegetarian Chloe.

Hello art chick Chloe!


Getting our leather on!



How to make a leather cuff


What you will need

A kick-ass teacher like Kat Marks

3mm thick veg-tan leather

Leather dye (i’m using black) and cotton wool on a stick for application + latex gloves

A size 3 leather beveler

A round click knife and cutting mat

A strip-cutter

A metal ruler

A leather hole-puncher

A strip of calico/muslin cloth

Caranuba wax

Leather polish/wax

A little screw clasp


What to do


I forgot to photograph the first stage! but it’s easy enough to explain. Taking a strip cutter (see photo above), adjust the measurement to how thick you want your cuff, mine is 3cm thick. Find a friend to pull one end of the leather, and pull it through the strip cutter. You will then end up with a strip of leather. Cut off the excess at one end, to get a straight edge, wrap around your arm to measure how thick you want it (be sure to cut extra as one part will overlap to form the clasp) and cut. These cuts will be done using your cutting mat, the metal ruler and a clicking knife.


Here is my strip. You might want to cut the ends into a curve, or some other shape, but i have left mine straight.

Next we bevel the edges using a size 3 beveler. This process cannot be rushed or you make mistakes and mark the leather. Carefully, and slowly, run the beveler along the edges.


This is what the edge looks like unbeveled.


This is how it should look when beveled. Repeat this on all sides, including the ends.


Again, forgot to photograph but the next stage is punching the holes. My measurements are for the size of clasp i have, but yours may be different. Mark a dot on one end 3cm away from the top and centered, punch this using the largest hole punch. Mark a dot 1cm away from the top and centered, punch this using the third smallest hole punch. From the larger hole, cut a small strip out from the centre away from the end.

My design for my cuff is punching various sized holes on the leather to create a pattern. But design your however you want using the clicking knife or a scribe to draw into the leather, etc.


Next stage is dying. Pop your latex gloves on, and cover your work surface. Apply the dye using the cotton wool in nice even strokes, back and forth across the surface. Covering all sides, back, front and all edges. Use a paintbrush to get right down into the holes. Keep letting it dry between coats and layer it up as much as you want until the colour is as dark as you want.

Allow to fully dry.


Buff the edges. This takes a lot of pressure. Use a strip of calico and spit/sugar water/a glue stick to work the edges back and forth with loads of pressure until the edges are smooth. Your finger will hurt by the end of this! and it helps if you trim your nails to start with (as you will have no nail to end with!).


Next buff up the whole cuff using caranuba wax and your calico. This not only gives the piece a nice shine, but it also protects the leather and seals in the dye. If you want to further protect and make it shinier use a little polish and buff it up again. There are various other waxes and polishers you can use to achieve various finishes but these are the basic ones.


Get your little screws.


And screw it in the small end hole.


And now you are finished!


Thanks Kat! Your workshop was wonderful



What do you think of my cuff?

Chloe out.

Kat Marks

Today we had a lecture from Kat Marks.

influx office

“Kat Marks is a creative leader in fashion enterprise and design. Creativity lies in the heart of her work. Creation itself embodies all forms of research, design, and craft. The result of interlacing these elements form the core of her practice – the communication of idea through visual media.

As a designer, Marks uses craftsmanship to translate idea into physical form. Central to craft is material, which Marks chooses for its intrinsic properties. Each object is developed with a purpose, a reason beyond static quality.

Marks is excited to engage in a dialogue with the viewer by illuminating and expanding an idea using visual media, photograph and film. As a creative director, she strives to provoke dialogue between the audience and her work by 

providing an emotional, and intellectually stimulating visual experience.

Kat Marks is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design from Toronto’s Ryerson University and a Master of Arts in Fashion Artefact from London College of Fashion.

Currently Marks’ practice is based in London, United Kingdom.

KAT MARKS,  Creative Leader for Fashion Enterprise.


She talked to us all about her work, in preparation for a leather workshop that we will have tomorrow. It was really interesting seeing the design process from the perspective of someone working in really different materials to what i’m used to all, as well as a totally different field; Kat’s work is more focused on fashion and the textile side of things.
So i thought i’d share some of her wonderful work with ya’ll!
Dame of Thrones
If i ever wanted body armor, i know who i would go to!
The Granfalloon
My current project, “The Granfalloon”, could be defined as an avant-garde fashion film. It features a colour palette that includes beige, muted grey and murky dusty rose, muted shades compared to the previous project. For this project we worked with HD cameras along with post-production techniques to create interesting visuals, but I think that the best thing about this new venture is that it has allowed me to build a team of professionals interested in discovering how to create fashion visuals that can move an audience. As you can see from the film there are two thigh flaps that brace the inner thigh. These flaps have activated some controversial conversation for what regards their purpose and their statement as some people said they had a sort of phallic shape. The Perspex, leather and resin harness and pelvic girdle weren’t actually meant to represent this, but I realised they sparked an interesting dialogue and some people called the design ‘cod piece’, ‘chastity belt’ or ‘fashion diaper’. I hope I’ll be able to come up with more thought-provoking pieces in future.” Kat Marks
The term “Granfalloon” was taken from Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, “Cat’s Cradle” and means “a group of people who imagine they have a connection that does not really exist.
Watch the film:
Inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s novel “The Sirens of Titan”. Infundibulum is a “place in the universe where different types of truth fit together”. This collection is based on Kat’s experience of having to wear a scoliosis brace during her teens to correct the shape of her spine.
Her work is not a shout for attention, it isn’t supposed to be an awareness for the condition, it is more about the forms and shapes and materials. She uses rigid, strong materials, like plastics, to create fantastic forms and in turn pieces that affect the posture of the one wearing them. Her work calls into mind a history of fashion, all through time women have endured multitudes of pain and suffering to comply with the constructs of fashion and her work states that that time is not at all over.
Watch the film here: Infundibulum
I am particularly drawn to this piece. The contrast of the shocking shiny red, and the sensuous flow of the curves with the rigidness of the form. It’s beautiful.
No Man’s Land
The Karass
This collection was inspired and named after a term in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, “Cat’s Cradle“. “Karass” means “group of people who, often unknowingly, are working together to do God’s will.” Marks also took themes of humanity’s mysticism and its complexity, from Vonnegut’s novels.
Watch the film:
The New Ambrosian
This is Kat’s first collection for men, and features pieces that are interesting hybrid between a bolo tie and a cravat that immediately call up images of The Wild West.
Watch the film here: The New Ambrosian
Yugas Elder
This collection, referred to as “the softer side of Kat”, is my favourite out of her work. Not just the pieces, themselves, but i really really love the accompanying film.
The black and white stop-motion film is concerned primarily with narrative through gesture. The fact that the faces of the Yugas women are covered draws your attention to gesture and physical movement. Although through viewing body form, the facelessness and almost totally covered up nature of the bodies allows the viewer to assign gender roles onto the individual characters and in effect leaves them genderless. The stop-motion, along with the clothing itself, also aids in humanizing the gestures but at the same time de-humanizing the models, with the jumps and twitches made all the more obvious they characters become a little more alien.
Watch the film here: Yugas Elder
Isn’t her work fantastic?
I’m looking forward to learning about leather with her tomorrow in the workshop!
Chloe out.

The Ring Exchange Project – Switching Time!

Today was design switching day!

I got Beth Spowart’s ring design:


I’m quite excited by this ring. I’m glad i like it! I was worried i would get a ring i didn’t like, because not liking something crushes motivation and creativity so i lucked out with this one!

I’ve not done much soldering with wire, so i’m a little nervous about that, but hopefully it will work out for me. The gun may also pose ma problem, i love carving out of wax so that bit will be good, but it is a pretty geometrical, intricate shape and i’m used to free-flowing organic shapes… well, that is what this project is all about! Pushing our boundaries and teaching us new techniques and ways of working!

I’m excited to get started!

Today i started off my braiding some copper wire together to give me an idea of what the ring shank will be like.


This was done by hand so i quite a loose braid, whereas the design calls for a tighter twist… but it gave me an idea of what the materials will do for me, and i now have a feel for the ring.


More playing with wire for me tomorrow!


Chloe out.

Show Off

So, it’s Saturday and it’s 9:32pm as i sit typing this, which means Show Off is over :(

But now frowns :) it was a wonderful experience and i’m really glad to have been a part of it, if you popped down you’ll have seen why.

Show Off was great for us students for so many reasons, not only was it a chance to sell our work (which is always a glorious feeling), but we were able to collaborate with other artists and designers to bring the show together, and then network with the same artists and designers, it was a chance to show off our work to the public and to allow the public to see what art students get up to and The Wellgate was the perfect venue for that, and because of Paula’s super organizing skills it was an opportunity for our work to be seen publicly through the media which was brilliant and last but not least it was fun!

Anyway, here are the sexy ass photos you came here for!

Show Off is taking over The Wellgate!

My display all set up today.

Later on in the day i decided to have a wee shuffle around of my display and see what it was like. With the help of Sheila Roussel it ended up like this! It draws attention to the necklaces that are sitting out flat, but i think i preferred it before, it was more unified and professional looking. But that’s what this show was all about… experimentation!


Now, enough about me, here are some photos of the other artists who were participating in the show.


Susan Macleod


Sheila Roussel


Ross Grubb


Rory Findlater


Rebecca Sarah Black


Power Out by Rosa Howie and Lucy Robertson


I can’t remember the name of the lovely lady who’s work this is!


Rebecca McGurk


Helen Sawyer and Dorothy Arnott


Ellis O’Connor


David MacKay


Becky Smith


There’s a talented bunch there!


Goodbye Show Off… you were wonderful!

Chloe out.