The Hidden Chamber: Part 5

My piece doesn’t work :( oh noes!

Okay, i’ll finish off telling you about the process and then i’ll talk about it!

Cutting out arrows, cutting out arrows, cutting out more arrows for my chain!

Had to decide whether i wanted detail in the feathers or not, i decided not. I like the detail but i think it destracts a little too much from the main locket, whereas the plain one just flows with the chain. After my decision i cleaned them up.

Making my hinge, i wanted to use curled wire instead of a tube to add a little more decorative detail

This is it hinged… you can already see where it kind of doesn’t work!

And this is it all opened out (i still need to scratch out the inside).


And here are some (not so amazing photos, i will take some more decent ones later) pictures of the finished piece:

Here is a little video of it (kind of) working…..


The little message says “No one is ever lost forever” i only had a thick paint-brush so it isn’t the best, but next time i will use a quill, this little lo-fi video is just a mocked up way of showing how it works.

Ooo and the lyric is from the wonderful new song “Lost” by Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra because i wanted to incorporate feelings of keeping and remembering something or someone who is no longer with you.


My locket mechanism have not quite worked, so instead of running into my room, throwing myself down on the bed, blasting depressing songs really loud and crying into my pillow like a teenage girl i have decided to call this my prototype and in that case it has been a learning experience. Which makes sense, because if i had had the time i would have made a mock up piece anyway to sort out any little problems that i might have had which has happened here.

It still looks pretty!

But now i know the little bits i need to alter to make a fully functioning piece. Between now and the Christmas holidays i will make a final final piece that WILL work!

The hinges will be extended and straightened, and will be a three or even four piece hinge to ensure it opens and closes fully. Also the inner clasp will actually work! I need to experiment with clasps to find out which one will be best for my piece. They are the main little changes i want to make, everything else i’m essentially happy with. I may also reconsider adding an internal lip, or perhaps little compartments for people to conceal things within….. but i’m not so sure about that yet!

Anyway, i’m more interested in what YOU think so please comment and let me know!

Tomorrow i’m presenting my work to our class so i’ll let cha know how that goes tomorrow :)

Chloe out.


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