The Hidden Chamber: Part 3

Yesterday i left it off with cutting out a lip for the inside of th locket, but last night i decided i didn’t want to constrict/dictate what the owner would put inside the locket once the message has been revealed for the first time, so i am no longer putting in a lip.

Now, moving on to more making!

First step, curving the two wee strips for the hooks into a U shape.

Like so!

Holding little U hooks securely in my parallel pliers in order to file down the ends into a straight edge.

Using little scraps of metal to position U hooks into place on the heart.

The soldered hooks.

It was rather weird spending so much time working on my full heart shape, now just to cut it in half! Alas, i needed the doors!

Like so!

Now the long, boring task of cleaning up the metal using various files, sandpapers, polishers, etc.


I’ve painted up the three sections with the etching ground so it will have all night to dry and i can draw into tomorrow and etch it!

Night night jewellery fans :)

Chloe out.


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