The Hidden Chamber: Part 2

Ahhh part 2 and so far so good.

I am on schedule and i am happy…. and concerned…. things never go this well for me…. i am cautious of the catastrophe that is surely waiting for me around the corner…. i am very suspicious! Hrm….

Anyway, onto the making!

Although the other day i thought i had totally finished with my filing…. i hadn’t! There was a wee edge that still need going over, so i spent an hour or so sorting that out.

Tightly taped together and filing down that one little misbehving side!

Next i moved onto my hinge (i am going to solder everything on before slicing my door in half… basically so everything measures up correctly!). I got out the tube cutter and hacked away to get some little pieces for my hinges.

There are six pieces her because i was orignally going to make a three piece hinge… but in the end it is just a two piece hinge because it matched up easier with my slightly curved sides (hinges need a straight edge to sit on and the three piece hinge was too wide to fit purely on my small straight edge).

The heart is slightly raised from the ground so there is a gap for the hinge to sit in when closed. Each little piece of tube is measured and matched up and then soldered on.

The soldered piece slightly below the edge.

Now moving on to make my hooks.

The two strips are cut into smaller pieces and the thicker ones are for the internal hooks and the thinner ones are for the hooks that will hold the chain.

Filing edges and ends.

For the internal hooks i have rounded the edges to allow the little excess bag to be slipped easily off the ends after it has burst.

Strips are annealed to allow me to shape them into hooks easily.

It took me ages to attach the hooks into place with binding wire, as soon as i had done so i soldered them on.

My hooks successfully soldered on!

Hooks and hinges all successfully soldered on and in the right places!

Now to make the internal lip to hold the paper in place. Back shape is drawn around onto brass sheet.

Shape is cut out on the inside side (so the shape is slightly smaller than that of the back piece).

The cut out shape. As you can see it doesn’t quite fit but i left it there today, tomorrow i will file the edges, cut out the internal shape and solder it on… then cut my door, rivet my hinge in place, clean up all the joins and surface, etch in my design, clean it up, polish it up, make the chain, attach the chain and then breathe!

See you tomorrow.

Chloe out.


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