Picking up our sexy new addition to the Henderson family!

Yesterday we went to pick up the rather sexy new addition to our family…. that’s right… our new campervan!

On our way to pick him up we saw a double rainbow crossing our path…

(Not the best photo) we took that as a sign that this campervan was going to be for us… and we were so right! He is perfect!

Here he is:

Jamie….. not quite so sure about the new Henderson…..

Bailey not quite sure what was going on so having a munch instead!

Me kicking back…. tights colour co-ordinated on purpose obviously……

Jamie…..still not so sure about him!


Don’t worry, we are going to trip him out with a paint job, new units, fancy curtains and chair coverings, fairy lights, more bunting than anyone could ever need, an acceptable amount of cushions and lots of sexy flower stickers on the outside! I’ll keep ya’ll updated with his makeover progress!

Check out my pinterest board: Campervans for all the little bits and pieces of inspirations for doing up Dùghall.


Guess what we christened him…?

Drumroll please………

Our new campervan is called…………… Dùghall!

Dùghall pronounced dooo-gal and meaning dark stranger… yeah he’s pretty mysterious our campervan!

We wanted to give him a Scottish name (as we are the Scottish representation for our wonderful bunch of campervanning friends) and obviously he is a boy… and it is reminiscent of Dougal from The Magic Roundabout which was hippyish and trippy and with the double rainbow his hippy routes were quite clear….. so we think it’s a pretty awesome name!

What do you think of his name? What do you think of him?!


Dùghall’s first trip was a little day trip down to Stonehaven; a beautiful little Scottish seaside town.


The ever happy Mrs.Cupcake!


Quack! Quack!


I love random little sculptures like this… they always pop up in small towns. The world would be so much more beautiful if there was lots of public art just dotted about the place. MORE PUBLIC ART = MORE BEAUTY TO BE SHARED AND ENJOYED = MORE HAPPINESS!


I loved this little guy! We sat and watched this cormorant bobbing up and down from the depths of the water, catching fish and reappearing on the top.


After our little seaside/harbour walk we headed into Maggie May’s Diner for a kitsch spot of lunch and to warm our frozen arses with a steaming pot of tea…



I’m so excited for our first proper Campervan trip next year!

Chloe out.


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