The Hidden Chamber: Part 1

Today i started my final piece for my Partnerships, Networks and Connections project.

So, here is my process so far:

Cut-out paper template of the abstract heart template and draw around template onto the brass sheet.

Saw-pierce shape out from the sheet.

Final cut out sexy shape.

Repeat process for two shapes.

Roughly file around edges to make sure both shapes match up with each other at the edges.

At first i thought that i would dome the pieces into shape, but that didn’t quite achieve the shape i was wanting, so…

… i decided to form it using the sand-bag and a ball-ended hammer.

Ahhh almost forgot to mention that the pieces need annealing before and a couple of times during the forming. The more you hammer the metal the less maleable it gets, and therefore harder to work with; so, annealing helps out with the forming (puts less pressure on your arm strength!).

These are the “domed” forms, pre-shaped.

As you see there is a little bit of a gap inbetween the two shapes, so the need a soft mallet hammering to flatten and then the edges need filing to fit together and the inside edges need to be sanded flat.

An hour or so of sanding the edges flat! Back and forth, back and forth, back and forrrthh….zzzzz….zzzzzzzzzzz…


As you can now see there is a “shiny” line around the shape, which is now nice and flat.

The two pieces are flattened and now sit against each other, but as you can see there are a couple of a little gaps (as the forming was a rather organic process (although the two shapes were cut exactly the same) the shapes don’t quite match up exactly), which need to be filed and sanded down.

I’ve masking taped the two pieces together to make my filing more accurate and easier to do, but had to make sure the taping was very very tight otherwise my filing would be off!

And finally, after a good couple of hours filing and sanding, this is the final form all nicely fitting together!


I left it at this today…. all the filing made me rather sleepy…zzz…zzz…

I know it doesn’t really look like a heart yet, but it will! It kind of looks like a scallop shell or two rose petals….. ooo this is giving me ideas!

Must sleep!

Ideas later!


Not sure i’m quite happy with the name The Hidden Chamber for this piece… it may change… what are your thoughts on the name? Do you have any ideas for a snazzier name? I want to encompass the 3 main ideas within the piece: hidden message, temporary message and its connections with the heart and a symbol of the people lost to heart disease (okay that’s kinda 4 ideas but the last two are meant to be connected!). Anyway….. thoughts?!

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Chloe out.


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