The Hidden Chamber: Design

If you read my previous post Powerpoint Presentation on my work so far… and how i feel about it! you’ll know that i’ve been working on this design.

I wanted to keep the actual idea and mechanisms the same but alter the aesthetics of the piece. I looked to various things for inspiration, including anatomical hearts, exisiting lockets, quills and arrows, victorian love tokens, etc.

Check out my pinterset board for all the pretty images Partnerships, Networks and Connections

And this is the final design i came up with:


The locket is a simplified heart shape that will be etched with the pattern below, the chain will be a stream of cupid arrows. All made out of pure golad… well brass… but it looks gold!

This is the pattern i will etch into the locket:

These are my drawings of an image i found of a human heart completely stripped of muscle and fat with just the angel veins exposed.

What do you think of my design?

Stay tuned for the making of my piece!

Chloe out.


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