Dissapearing Books

While researching the wonderful world of invisible inks i came across this beautiful “temporary” books idea.

The books you buy come sealed in an air-tight bag because when you break the seal you have a limited time to read the story before the ink dissapears from the pages.

The text is printed using a specially formulated ink that, when exposed to life elements, vanishes away from the paper.

This idea intrigues me greatly, my initial question is why would publishers sell books that will invetibly end up as fancily bound paper and use this as the selling point? With the rise in ebooks and decline in PROPER (yes proper, beautiful, wonderful) books why would a book that forces you to read to be a great seller? In the video they say it is to promote their rising authors, making people read their first books, so they will get a chance to write a second.

I see the appeal. But, do you?

Even with my questioning, these dissapearing books have been a great success, whether that is purely the novelty of the idea or people really getting into (even challenging themselves) quickly reading through a story that literally grasps hold of you.

Hrmmmmm……. what are your thoughts?

Chloe out.


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