Today, I ate my lunch blindfolded.

Yup, i did.

It was a bizzare experience.

So, as you know, i picked up the Ephemeral Practices module. This little trip into the world of darkness was a chance for us to experiment with the making of an ephemeral piece. Only we who were in the room, know exactly what happened (it was filmed… but it’s unlikely anyone will see that film).

We arrived back after our break at 1:30 and stood outside our usual meeting space, only to hear our experiment room being made up. One by one a black strip of cloth was wound around our heads and we sat waiting at the top of the stairs, waiting for our turn to be lead down.

For me, that was one of the strangest parts of the whole thing. Actually having to rely on somebody else to guide you through a familiar setting that had suddenly become so alien.

We were sat at a long stretch of table and waited with baited breath, wondering what was waiting for us upon the table.

Napkins to your right, water to your left, here have a fork, the plate is in the middle, okay you can start now.

My fingers scanned over the plate, feeling everything on it. Something hard here, something soft a squishy, a small round object, something silky.

The first thing i picked up was a grape. It felt so familiar. I knew i liked grapes and that this first mouthful would be fine, i was intrigued to see what a grape tasted like without seeing. Oddly like a tomato. Yup, it wasn’t a grape. Bitter dissapoint set in when i realised that this was being filmed and i openly spit it out. I gulped down this horrid little tomato and was tentaive to move on.

Next…. hmmm what shall i go for?

I skipped the olives.

The pita bread was nice, lovely when dipped into the squishy houmous.

Everyone loves a good Skip.

I’m not a massive fan of cream cheese sandwiches, but they weren’t as offensive as my first mouthfull.

Mmmmmm…. blueberries.

We mostly sat and ate in silence. We were all so consumed by this new experience.

Next course. Something in a tub, something that was hard to take the lid of. Something we needed a microspoon for! What was this strange slimy substance they have put before me. My fingers ran over the surface. It felt like jelly and jelly it was. But jelly with a difference. It was from the Chinese supermarket and it was a strange melon flavour. I quite enjoyed it. However, jelly is ridiciously hard to eat when you can’t see it. It slides about and i think i ended up making quite a little mess!

Last course. Something hard, too hard to break with my finers, long and coated in something lumpy. One bite in and EUGH! what is that?! It  had sesame seeds on it and was crumbly inside. Horrid. A strange delicacy from the Chinese supermarket. Nobody ate it. Yuks all around.

And suddenly we were back into the light. Laughing and the room was suddenly full of sound.

It was a bizzare experience.

One i would reccommend.

A blindfolded dinner party.

People always say this, but it’s true that you do appreciate your senses so much more when one is stripped away from you, everything else becomes heightened. It’s amazing how much we rely on our eyes and who little we can do without them.

A beautiful journey into the ephemeral. A performance for our eyes only…. or not!

Chloe out.


6 thoughts on “Today, I ate my lunch blindfolded.

  1. I once ate a giant squid while at a dinner party. I wasn’t blindfolded, but I was the only one with any clothes on. Not even sure how I ended up there. Wasn’t even invited. That’s what pink lemonade does to me…

      1. Things got pretty messy after one of the guests started squirting the squid’s ink all over the place. Soon we were all submerged in the thck, dark fluid. And then some twat released the piranhas from their cages…

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