I am not a ceramicist.

First day back and we were offered a short couple of days ceramics lesson on how to make a jug. I signed right up. We had only had a little taste of ceramics before, and the things i had made were okay and i enjoyed making them, but i knew i could do better. Turns out i was wrong.

I am not a ceramicist.

I had such high hopes for myself.

I planned it all out and did research and everything.

Working with some shapes.

And then drew up a fancy ass jug that fitted in with what i was doing and could be used and was pretty. A basic shape, a complex handle, and intricate detailing.

I don’t have any progress shots. I was too into it, or too out of it.

I made a few wee samples with my letter stamps, and was feeling positive.

And then it came to my jug.

My rule is to always be positive when creating, well when making anyway, sometimes other emotions can be good for creativeness but when looking at something that requires pure technical skill i always try to remain positive.

And to start with i was.

It was going so well.

And somewhere in the middle i lost it. My jug became something i could have made in primary school. I tried to rescue it by adding lumps and going for the “organic” but controlled look. But i lost that too. Mistakes were made. Frustration levels rocketed and i had to leave.

I went back today to take some photos.

I had had some reflextion.

Last night i was cursing my flawed ceramics skill. I was cursing my wasted time.

With reflextion, my time was not wasted. I gave ceramics a go. I gave this jug a go. I tried it out. It didn’t work for me. But i haven’t scraped it. I’m going to get it fired. I’m going to work into the surface, write all over it, glaze it. Take it home and stick flower in it. This experience was valuable. At the time i just wanted to scream and through the sloppy clay against the wall. But i didn’t and i’m glad i have something that isn’t that bad to come out of it.

I am not a ceramicist.

Chloe out.

p.s. i’m tentative to ask….. but what do you think of my jug?


8 thoughts on “I am not a ceramicist.

      1. I just finished a pre-sessional intensive Italian language course (it was extremely intensive and I lost some weights!) but the uni didn’t start yet.
        As you might know, Ladies Milano collection just started today and there’s a lot of new clothes, jewellery, shoes around me! It’s really hard not to use money :P

  1. You really give yourself a hard time, skills like these take practise and patience! I think it is cute, and when it is fired and painted it will look totally different! Keep at it, lots of love Mum xxx

  2. It looks nice, methinks. :D
    I’ve never been that good with stuff like this either. :P I’m not in tune enough with practical, physical stuff, probably. xD Even when drawing, I much prefer doing abstract or stylised ones than being realistic. :P

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