First day back: diving right in!

Hello wonderful world of DJCAD jewellery, how i have missed you!

Today was out first day back after a lovely long summer, and we were introduced to our new projects for semester 1. Yup, that’s right projectS! All of which sound pretty exciting, but also a hell of a lot of work! But, i have had a rather lazy summer so i’m sure all this hard work will be good for me!

For the first part of our new module Partnerships, Networks and Connections (which i will be called PNC for short!) we were given a jeweller, selected by Chrissie (our tutor) to research. For me, she has picked Jonathan Matthew Boyd. Obviously she knows me well, check out his sexy work:

Isn’t it beautiful?

There will be lots and lots of info. on him coming soon, as right now i am researching everything i can possibly find to do with him.

Oh and i’ve just created a pinterest board for this module too…. so go check that out! Partnerships, Networks and Connections on pinterest.

In the end, we are to produce (and present! oh noes!) a body of work based on our jewellers, alongside our own work and designs, working up to a final piece inspired my our research. Exciting, eh? So, look out for my development in this blog category Partnerships, Networks and Connections.

See you soon!

Chloe out.


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