Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 7: watching the fishes and hugging trees.

Hello wonderful campervan fans!

Today we packed Pingu back up and set of on a rather meandering journey to The New Forest.

First stop Bournemouth Oceanarium… Daddy Cupcake is rather into the fishes! and well they make quite a pretty photo:


Isn’t this stuff magnificent?!


This turtle gives quite an disapproving look… reminds me of a certain Mrs.Cupcake… who had the wonderful idea of going away shopping while we were under the ocean.


Moving on from our fishy morning. We headed out to The New Forest and stopped in Lymington for a spot of lunch by the harbor and a wander through the beautiful little town.


Captain Jamie!


Before docking Pingu in our campsite and setting up we made a pit stop to the Tall Trees Trail and visited the tallest trees in Britain!

Day 6 (61)

Day 6 (62)

Day 6 (63)

Day 6 (64)


Call me a faery loving freak but there was something magical about this clearing.

Day 6 (65)

Day 6 (68)


Naturally we had to show our appreciation for the awesomely tall trees and felt that was only proper by hugging them!

Day 6 (70)

Day 6 (72)

Day 6 (73)



Day 6 (81)




Day 6 (82)

Day 6 (91)

Day 6 (92)


Happy hugger!

Day 6 (100)

Day 6 (101)

Day 6 (105)



Goodnight campervan fans! See you tomorrow for more fun in the New Forest :)

Chloe out.


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