Playing in the river like children instead of working.

Today, instead of catching up with emails and sorting things out for going back to uni, myself and my little brother decided to mess around in the local river!

Yup, i’m still a child.

19 and still a child.

I still watch cartoons too.

And i miss getting crayons in restaurants.

Anyway splish splash!

Shake shake shake!

Om nom nom nom NOM nom nom!

German rock!

Glitter glitter glitter!

Cold cold cold!!!





Stop shaking yr arse Jamie!



Om nom nom nom nom NOM!



Cold cold cold cold!




These pictures are from the previous day’s walk, but i thought i would post them anyway because it was fun and pretty!

I’m a faery!

Catch me if you can!

Hope you enjoyed!

As ever, hit me up with any of your wonderful thoughts :)

Chloe out.


Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 7: watching the fishes and hugging trees.

Hello wonderful campervan fans!

Today we packed Pingu back up and set of on a rather meandering journey to The New Forest.

First stop Bournemouth Oceanarium… Daddy Cupcake is rather into the fishes! and well they make quite a pretty photo:


Isn’t this stuff magnificent?!


This turtle gives quite an disapproving look… reminds me of a certain Mrs.Cupcake… who had the wonderful idea of going away shopping while we were under the ocean.


Moving on from our fishy morning. We headed out to The New Forest and stopped in Lymington for a spot of lunch by the harbor and a wander through the beautiful little town.


Captain Jamie!


Before docking Pingu in our campsite and setting up we made a pit stop to the Tall Trees Trail and visited the tallest trees in Britain!

Day 6 (61)

Day 6 (62)

Day 6 (63)

Day 6 (64)


Call me a faery loving freak but there was something magical about this clearing.

Day 6 (65)

Day 6 (68)


Naturally we had to show our appreciation for the awesomely tall trees and felt that was only proper by hugging them!

Day 6 (70)

Day 6 (72)

Day 6 (73)



Day 6 (81)




Day 6 (82)

Day 6 (91)

Day 6 (92)


Happy hugger!

Day 6 (100)

Day 6 (101)

Day 6 (105)



Goodnight campervan fans! See you tomorrow for more fun in the New Forest :)

Chloe out.

Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 6: a fake blue pool, a cove, a door, fossils and pretty little fireworks.

Good day campervan fans!

Today we have successfully undocked Pingu from the awning! Over breakfast we decided to venture further out into Dorset, and give Pingu a bit of a drive!

Our first stop was The Blue Pool in Wareham.

The guidebook said this:

The Blue Pool at Furzebrook  constantly varies in colour. Very fine clay in suspension in the water diffracts light in different ways, producing a spectrum of colour sometimes green sometimes turquoise. Set in a deep clay bowl, steps lead down to the waters edge or up to views of the Purbeck Hills. The Pool is surrounded by 25 acres of heath, woodland and gorse interlaced with sandy paths  that seem to take you to another world.”

So i was obviously expecting something incredible and magnificant and mystical and magical…. but in fact what i got was a large expanse of water that was kinda blue.

Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful and set in a lovely little woodland…. but it was just a big puddle that wasn’t that blue and didn’t magically change colour. I mean there wasn’t even any unicorns!

Unimpressed by The not so Blue Pool.

Slightly cheerier with the promise of ice-cream!

Check out this massive ant hill:

All those wee red dots you can see are ants! I would have taken some close-ups…. but i didn’t want to get that close!

Argh!!!!!!!!!! The Blue Pool is contagious. I looked down at my thumb and it had gone blue! The first thought to fly through my mind was “omfg i’m going to die! the blue pool is contagious! oh noes!”

That was obviously before i had realised the moisture on my thumb had been rubbing up against my newly purchased dress and the dye was transferring onto my skin…..

If The Blue Pool was quite exciting enough, there was a little museum in which we discovered The Wareham Bears.

Which was exactly what it looks like….. a few dolls house with little teddy bears set up in domestic situations!

More little bits from the odd collection of bits in the mueseum:

Next stop: lunch at a beautiful country pub i forget the name of.

Om nom nom.

After lunch a drive down to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door…. well almost… we saw Lulworth Cove (pictured), but Durdle Door was quite a walk away and if it hadn’t been for the really massive rain cloud we could see coming in we would have gone…. but alas even Scottish people don’t always like getting wet!

It might not be the famous Durdle Door…. but here is a door and it is almost as good!

Lulworth Cove:

On our walk down to Lulworth Cove we passed this rather awesome bucket tree!

Oooo and this idyllic little duck pond.

Moving on from rainy Lulworth Cove we drove along the coast to Lyme Regis to collect FOSSILS!

I wish we had had more time there, and had gone at low tide because when it comes to searching for beautiful things on the beach i am just like a kid in a candy store!

But for the purpose of these photos, ignore the fossils and check out the stunning beach:

Look! Sun!

And this is our wares! Check it! Check it! Actual fossils! Yup, i’m excited!

We decided, instead of heading back to Swanage, where there wern’t many restraunts to meander back into Corfe and have lunch in one of the cute pubs. Twas lovely!

And after dinner we were treated to a fantastic firework display down the Swanage seafront.

Although this photo is a little blurred, i love it, it has almost a painted quality to it.


See you tomorrow for more adventures from the wonderful world of campervanning!

Chloe out.