Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 5: Castles, cream tea and choo choo trains!

Good morning campers! After our fairly pleasant (i say fairly because at some horrifically early am time a very loud man started drunkenly shouting right outside our tent… well maybe not right outside but it certainly sounded that way!) slug-free night sleep in out little pop-tent, myself and Jamie awoke to a brewing pot of tea on Pingu’s stove and tales of how tiny his bed was! Bloody Henderson parents cannae quit moaning about our big blue friend!

Anyhoo, over a cearealy breakfast we discussed plans for our day.

A trip on an old steam train out into Corfe.

After a little walk down from the campsite and through the local Swanage market,we arrived at the very pretty little train station of Swanage. There is something really relaxing about sitting on a train watching the scenic countryside float past the rain droplet filled window, and as this Swanage Railway train is an old-fashioned vintage train it is even more beautiful to sit within.


First stop in Corfe was at a little cafe,with stunning views over Corfe Castle, for a spot of lunch and a cream tea.


View of the castle with a very happy, and not bored at all, Jamie!


Pretty little birdy looking out for crumbs.



om nom nom nom cream tea!


We then wandered up the cobbled grey limestone path to Corfe Castle.


View from the castle out into Corfe.


Walking around the castle was a little odd, it is in complete ruins, so much so that each little section could almost be it’s own castle.


And there are a lot of precarious looking walls… that look as though the might topple over with one gust of wind!


This topply wall is my favourite!


We walked back down into the little village of Corfe and wandered around the little shops and sights.


Cheeky gargoyle up top of a church.


We decided to pop into Corfe Model Village

It was interesting walking around the tiny village and comparing the fully-formed castle to the ruin that it is now.


Teehee i love this guy!


There was a bit of a magical mystical faery theme going around these gardens, i didn’t really get the connection but it was cute!

Jamie being a wizard!


I always call these things Thistle Mice because we used to make little mice out of the dried plants, i’m not sure what they are actually called, but i think they are pretty.




Checkers: not even fun when life sized!


The happy couple!


And back to the railway station!


Don’t you wish all stations look liked this?


We arrived back into Swanage and meandered around the little shops, buying bits and pieces here and there. I found a wonderful little shop called Rainbow’s End which was essentially the epitome of my wardrobe and if i had had lots and lots of money i would have bought everything!

After out shopping trip, Dad and i felt like a wee stroll down Swanage Pier. It was a beautiful pier and perfect in the setting sun.


All the way along the pier where these brass plaques, which you would expect to see filled with names and dates, which some were, but most of them had more unique and special messages. It was really nice walking along the pier and reading all these little pieces of conversation and lasting words.


Views from the pier.


I’m not sure what this building was supposed to be, but i loved this little bit of street art.


Dinner time!


Om nom nom.

Today was a glorious day and now off to bed…. well sort of!

Night night.

Stay tuned for installment 6!

Chloe out.

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