Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 4: Our first journey in a campervan!

It’s day 4 of our little holiday.

It is our last day in Eastbourne and today is our first ever time travelling in a campervan together!

Here is Ron waving us off!

Bye bye wonderful Woods/Harris family :)

Teeheehee check out Daddy Cupcake driving the campervan………… with a smile!

Jamie kicking it back in Pingu with his book.

Feeling the love…………………….. with millions and millions of cushions!

Pingu’s first stop was a beautiful pebbly beach in………… um…………. i’ve totally forgotten where it was….. erm…… somewhere on the way from Eastbourne to Swanage! It was very pretty, although a tad chilly so we didn’t stat for long.

Next stop was lunch at a cutely kitsch lovely little country pub in the middle of nowhere!

Mmmmmmmmmmm pea soup!


After our meandering little journey (with the odd detour!) we arrived in Swanage.

We set up Pingu and his awning and headed down into the little town of Swanage and wandered along the seafront.


Arghhhhh! It’s a dalek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXTERMINATE!


Awesome name for a brewery:


Dinner time!

We had an almost nice fishy dinner on the seafront in a shack…. it was almost nice.

Made all the better by an ice-cream on the harbour :)


Stay tuned for the next installment!

Chloe out.


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