Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 3: Girls on tour!

Today we headed out to Brighton to meet up with the hungover girls on tour!

Brighton is a beautiful place, vibrant, lots of shops, interesting streets, beautiful seafront and generally great atmosphere…. wish i had had longer to wander around the shops…. i didn’t even make it to the infamous Erotic Boutique.

Our first stop was the Royal Pavilion.

Dad had mentioned it a few times before we went and how he was looking forward to seeing it because it was a remarkable building. I knew nothing about and deliberately didn’t look at a photo before going so it would be more interesting and my oh my it is! It’s crazy on the outside and inside. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take photos inside so i have had to pinch some of google (if you see your photo here and wanna claim credit just hit me up and i’ll pop your name in), but i did take some outside:

Isn’t it just insane?!

You don’t quite get the full impact from the photos (go visit, it’s pretty amazing) but everything is just incredibly over the top and really bizarre!

Yup… insane!

After all that we headed off to Brighton Pier, which apart from being rammed with people and full of tackyness was quite nice, and had stunning views over Brighton’s seafront:

This is the remnants of another pier in Brighton, which if i remember correctly, was destroyed in some real nasty hurricaney weather, rebuilt and then caught fire and burnt down, which is ashame but has left something beautiful in its wake.

It was really bizarre standing on the pier and watching the birds fly below you!

I still can’t get over how blue the water is! Us Scotlanders are used to dismal grey waters, but being here makes it feel like we’re abroad!

After our wander down the pier,we headed out around the streets of Brighton. Trying to take in all sights before heading back to Eastbourne.



On our way back to Eastbourne we passed by two chalk carvings in the hills.

The first being a White Horse.

There are estimated to be around 24 chalk carvings in Britain. Contrary to popular belief, most white horses are not of great antiquity. Only the Uffington white horse is of a certain prehistoric origin, about three thousand years old. Most of the others are from the past three hundred years.

“There are actually two white horses on the hill, the first is no more, lasting only until the 1920’s, cut either in 1838 by James Pagden of Frog Firle Farm and his two brothers, to commemorate the coronation of Queen Victoria or in 1860 by two youths who saw a patch of bare chalk in the turf that looked like a horses head and added the body. The second, still visible today and in very good condition was cut in 1924 by John T, Ade, Mr. Bovis and Eric Hobbis. The three men cut the horse overnight with a full moon to see by so as to startle the locals with the sudden appearance of the horse in the morning and make the men famous.” Source.


Next is The Long Man.

The origins of the long man aren’t known but he is thought to have been created in the 16th or 17th century. And it’s symbolism ranges from pagan deities to druids or shamans or symbols of death or maybe a shadow, nobody seems to really know! But he is still rather pretty. I think it looks like the shadow of a hill walker with two walking poles…. but what do i know!?



Today my music feature is music we discovered today in Brighton. While sitting eating our lunch outdoors in a street cafe there were a band playing beside us called The Turbans. When they finished their wee set, a woman came around with a hat for us to drop pennies into and had we not given all our money to the parking machines wouldn’t have had to pay a tenner for their album because we felt guilty! We are too nice! But quite glad we did end up with the cd as it makes for pleasant easy listening, although like the wine you buy on holiday it isn’t quite as good when you bring it home.

Anyway here is the only clip i managed to find of them on youtube:

The Turbans


Stay tuned for Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 4

Chloe out.


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