Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 2: Falling off cliffs.

Today we were given the driving tour of Eastbourne!

It’s a beautiful little town, quite typical of what you would think of if i said “British seaside town” but with nice weather.

Our first stop was Beachy Head and it’s glorious chalk cliffs:

No mum, i didn’t actually fall off!

This doesn’t really show it off but man it was high up!

Isn’t it beautiful? They are the tallest chalk sea cliffs in Britain, and if i remember rightly are over 500ft and is apparently one of the most notorious suicide points in the world…….

Recognize anything?

Looks familiar, eh?

The lighthouse above was built because the one below is basically a bit useless. The one below has had to be moved various times (at great expense) to prevent it falling off the cliff and even when it is operational cannot be seen on a misty night… and in my opinion isn’t very pretty at all but then they built the one above to solve the problems and it is beautiful and fully operational… but who am i to judge all the horrific buildings in the world.

Next stop was the Towner Art Gallery

The exhibition on at the time was Harold Mockford: A Retrospective of a Sussex Painter

His works were not exactly the type of work that i would normally like, but wandering around the gallery and seeing the real life paintings threw my preferences away and i found myself enjoying the art and liking the work. Here are some of my favourites:


Night Rider to the Long Man (you will see more of the Long Man in tomorrow’s post).

When the Lights Come On

We wandered around the permanent collection too. It contained a nice wee collection of artworks representing some of Eastbourne and the surrounding areas characteristics and scenes, and these are the pieces that stuck out for me:

Rough Sea Eric Slater

Roland Collins Beachy Head from Belle Tout

Edward Loxton Knight Seven Sisters

Tania Kovats Strike

This is made from mostly MDF. I love how it looks like an impression taken from a cliff. The fact that it looks like a lump of rock that has been broken off a cliff and dumped in a museum is interesting when you consider that it’s a man-made sculpture. I like how it appears to be a cliff miniaturized and because of that allows all the individual indents to become more apparent and more special and beautiful.

John Piper Newhaven

Bill Brandt East Sussex Coast

My dad’s comment on this one was “you could park a bike in that one” which made me giggle but i still think it’s a beautiful photograph.


After more car cruising we stopped off at Eastbourne Pier for a wander and more importantly an ice-cream!

Although a little tired and in need of a splash of paint, Eastbourne Pier was rather pretty, excluding the tacky stalls, and it has great views out over Eastbourne’s seafront.

Look at all that blue sky!


My song of the day is:

Milton Nascimento  Tudo Que Você Podia Ser



Look out for the next installment: Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 3

Chloe out.


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