Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 1: Arriving in Wonderland

The first day or our beautiful little journey.

I wrote all of these posts on the actual days, and have waited until now to post them and attach all the suitable imagery. So, read it with the past me talking, or the present me…. i’m not so sure. Anyway, just thought i’d mention that!

Today we drove all the way from Edinburgh to Eastbourne in The Beast!

(yup that is me and my little brother camwhoring and tweeting in the car… coz we iz boreddddddd!)

It took forever and ever and ever.

But we eventually arrived in Vicarage Road and spotted, not only our digs for the weekend, but our ride/h0me for the rest of the week! Pingu the big blue campervan!

But before we get to any of that campervanning i must tell you about Sara and Steve’s house.

It’s kick-ass!

I should have taken loads of pictures of it, but i didn’t, because i’m useless (/i blame the intoxication and Mediterranean style weather…). However, i have managed to nick quite a few offa Steve’s facebook page! So cheers my love!

Steve is an amazing artist, regardless of what he tells you, and has painted all around their house.

This is Zak’s old bedroom, and the bedroom i was lucky enough to sleep in.

I got to wake up staring up into those beautiful clouds and dreaming i was in a fairytale.

Up the top is Steve and Sara’s wonderful, nautical bedroom and painted on the walls are two portholes:

The first on is similar to the photos you’ll see tomorrow, and an accurate representation of Eastbourne and the second more of a crazy fantasy land.

And there is more fantasy down the stairs with board game chairs!

And meet their wonderful, amazing cat Ron, whom I have stolen. And you can just see Rossi (spelling?) on the left. Here are more photos i took of Ron, and would have taken of Rossi if he had posed for long enough!

My favourite room was the bathroom, and you can see why:

This little piece of the room on the window is my favourite bit. I love the colours and the flowing radial pattern, and the fading of night into day.

It was beautiful walking up and down the many stairs, because the walls were covered in photoframes, not only containing pretty family photos but also more of Steve’s art. So, as i am waxing on about how awesome he is, here is more:


Old Rope Comix

Friendly neighbourhood weirdo….

Old Pa Woods and Joolz

OLD ROPE COMIX  Captain Wobbly-Tit

Pub (and self-professed “best pic i ever drew!)


Uncle Reg

This piece is apparently unfinished.

Here is some of his ipad art. Steve kinda dismissed the whole ipad art thing and similar to me decided it wasn’t really art. But the first time he got hold of the thing he produced this amazing piece of work and it IS art (fucking beautiful art):

Here are more:

This is on of my favourite at the moment, more because of the story behind it. It’s called “Foot of the cross” Take a minute and just look at it, before reading on, and think about what it means to you and what it says to you.

You think horror? sadness? misery? right? this man is watching something horrific being played out before him and he is responding with a pain-stricken expression across his face? Well, you would be wrong. What you thought is what everybody thinks about this piece, but after talking to the artist and asking what he was drawing you find out it is so different. This work depicts a man who is the type of”sad bastard” who goes and watches hangings for the fun of it, the kind who gets off on it and enjoys it. So the expression on his face is more of a dumb joy than horror. I love art like this, double meanings. This wee story behind it is what makes it what it is and makes it special, this wee story is as much a part of the art as the work itself.

Have some more ipad art:

If i had been smarter, i would have taken loads more photos, but alas i’m not, so you’ll have to wait until Steve posts more to facebook and then i’ll share them with you. Or go and share the love and befriend him on facebook and tell him how awesome he is!

Since i always listen to loads of music on holiday while travelling i always have one song or another stuck in my head, so i thought i would do a little song feature everyday and introduce (or remind you of) to some awesome music.

My song of the day is:

Laghonia Bahia


Stay tuned for Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 2

Chloe out.

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