Sharing: where do you draw the line?

I found myself having a bit of an odd reflective moment.

I was listening to a new piece of music, and thinking to myself how awesome it is to find something new that you love and can just sit and enjoy and “tweet it” floated across my mind mid-way through the song. I picked up my computer to do that very thing and had to stop myself. I was ruining my little this-song-is-awesome-sit-and-fucking-enjoy-listening-to-it-moment. Okay, there are lots of wee moments in life that i want to share and want other people to share my feelings with, but where do you draw the line? No, seriously, i’m asking you. I don’t have the answers.

I do love sharing.

I love it when other people can glimpse into my life and see what i see, but when does that become to much? When does it start taking away from the realness of my life? my in the moment life? am i just living my life through a screen, through a keyboard, through a camera lens? when i’m doing this, where does the “real life” sit? and is my online life not my real life?

And yes, i do the see the irony in blogging about this!

Can you answer my questions?

I’d love some insight.

Oh, and if you were interested the song was “Bahia” by Laghonia


Take a few minutes out from your screen and just sit and listen to it. Or if you’re not a fan, put on something you love and relax into it. Listen to it and nothing else.

Chloe out.


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