Leith School of Art: Summer School Jewellery Course – Day 5


It was the final day of my jewellery course at Leith School of Art day and it was more than a little bit stressful! I, of course, was finished last! It was hard to get it all done in time for the exhibition at 4:30 but I managed to only be about 10 minutes late!

However, before we get to the finished piece, here is more of the production.

Yesterday i had stuck done my hair shape, so first thing today was sawing it out from the silver (and as you can see from the sheet of paper on the floor, try and collect all the silver dust or “expensive glitter” to re-use later).

And here it is all cut out, and you can kind of see the texture of the hair on the surface of the silver. It’s quite a light, fine texture because i didn’t want it to detract away from the shape and form of the whole piece.

Here is the piece just after soldering, before cleaning. I love the colours the heat turns the metal, I wish that beautiful pink colour would even out and stay within the metal, but alas it doesn’t work that way.

And now the hair is soldered onto the body :)

Marking out, placing and soldering of riveting tubes. A little trickier that it appears! Tubes don’t like to stand up and don’t heat at the same time as the copper! However, two attempts and all pieces were securely soldered!

Marking out holes (which i lined up with body and drilled to fit the tubing) and lines for the actual pin fastening to sit, then soldered on a piece of tube and some curled up wire for the steel pin to sit in.

Brass circle is finished by adding harsh scratches with coarse sandpaper and the body and hair are polished up with a brass brush for a scratchy shine. I like the scratches in the metal surface and in this case the contrast between the harsh, almost matte scratches works beautifully with the high shine fine scratches.

Last two steps. Riveting the body onto the base and slotting the pin into the tube and shaping it and now it’s finished!!!


I’m looking at the real piece as I write this blog and am actually quite proud of what i’ve managed to achieve in… well the course was 5 days but we didn’t start our real pieces until half-way through day 2, so really this piece only took 3 1/2 days to complete! It’s worked well and it’s a piece I will actually wear.

I’ve taken a few pictures of it with me wearing it, but they don’t show the piece of to it’s best.

I really need a sexy model to come and wear it for me…………. any volunteers? Seriously, if you’ve got the time and are up for modeling this little piece i would be epically grateful and reward you with cake and hugs :) Any takers? Hit me up here, on chloehen21@aol.com or on twitter @chloehenderson9



What do you think of my piece?

Chloe out.




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