Leith School of Art: Summer School Jewellery Course – Day 4

Yup it’s day 4!

Using a variety of round/ball ended hammers I formed my copper lady on top of a sandbag.

Filing down the edges and gave her a bit of a clean and polish.

Sanding down the back to flatten it out so it sits flat on top of the brass circle. This step took me ages and ages and ages, mostly because she is very smooth and curved so very hard to keep a grip off and very easy to slip out of my hand.

Big chunk of silver cut down a bit smaller for my hair.

Picking out some hair to texture my silver with.

Playing with hair!

Test sample and silver piece all lined up with hair stuck onto sticky paper. Now a roll through the mill to create the texture. I forgot to take a picture of how it looked when it came out, but you will see it later!

Stick image for cutting out onto the silver with double-sided.

And here’s a little picture of us all working hard in the studio!

Argh! last day tomorrow and still so much to do!

Chloe out.


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