Leith School of Art: Summer School Jewellery Course – Day 3

So, it’s day 3 today.

And still so much work to do!

I started off the day (after my cuppa!) by finishing drilling the 1.5mm holes in my brass circles.

After center punching more holes I drilled my smaller 0.8mm holes. I was originally going to make all the holes random sizes but I think I quite like the uniformity of the two sizes within the uniform of the circle, which will contrast with the freer form of the body.

Now the boring bit….. filing the edges………. more filing………….. sanding the edges………… sanding the burrs away…………… buffing………….

Nice and smooooooooooooth! I decided to leave the surface quite scratch because I liked the way it coloured the brass with quite a soft, pale gold.

Photocopy drawing, cut out, stick onto copper with double-sided sticky tape, trim edges, saw body from copper.

And this is what it looks like cut up!

Now to create lines into the metal. I formed pieces of brass and copper wire into the shapes of lines and double stuck them onto the form (double-sided and masking tape)…… and then hammered them into the metal.


Pretty little lines!

Had to leave it at that today…. but tomorrow will be moving onto the forming :)


Chloe out.




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