Leith School of Art: Summer School Jewellery Course – Day 2

Last night i spent ages browsing pictures of jewellery.

Here are some of my favourites:


After inspirational browsing (it’s hard to come up with a design from scratch without any starter ideas), I came up with 5 design drawings and narrowed it down to these two:



Before picking the design I wanted, I had a wee talk with Jenny and she suggested some techniques I could use to make these designs.

I first tested out shaping the metal into something with slight curves instead of the flat sheet metal, this way the figure will be more 3 dimensional and real. We did a little bit of shaping and forming in uni but I never really knew much about it or exactly how to do it. But today i made up a few wee samples to test out the forming:

First I cut out a few wee eye/leaf shapes.


These first samples were to test out saw-pierced lines.

First the line is drawn and then formed with a steel pusher tool, then both sides are hammered to form curves.

I like the curves with this technique but it was really hard to form the lines with the pusher and keep them straight. It looks better with the pierced lines.

I do like the pierced lines curved but it alters the shape slightly, so I tested out another way to form lines into metal.

I hammered the wire into the metal which creates a lovely straight line. Although the curves have to be smaller and less defined with this technique I do like the subtlety. I think this is the technique I will use.


Next I sampled some texturing techniques with hammers for my back circly piece.

First off I sampled a piece through the rolling mill. I wanted to see just how much the mill affects the shape of the metal, and here you can see it is quite a lot!


These are all hammered and drilled textured. I really like the drilled holes. I plan on using this in my final piece. I love how you can see either the body or the clothing through the holes and therefore adds more interest to the piece.


I played around a bit more and this is the design I am working with at the moment:


I’ve just started my piece, beginning with the back circle.

I began by drawing and cutting out my circle (from brass sheet metal).

I’ve punched out all the dents for my holes and started drilling, but ran out of time and will finish off tomorrow.


When I got home I decided to have a go at tab setting (we talked about it earlier in the day). I had a resin dome that I hadn’t done anything with and a small square of sheet copper. I don’t have any images of the process, but plan on doing another piece so will blog about it later on, so here are some images of the finished setting which I have strung onto a golden seed bead chain:





What do you think?


Chloe out.






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