A little day trip around East Lothian

Today we had a little trip around East Lothian.

First off we hit Dirleton Castle. Which is a beautiful little ruin of a once grand castle in Dirleton, which in itself was a lovely tiny town. You have to pay to get into the castle and grounds, but it isn’t too expensive. It takes maybe about 30/45minutes to walk around the castle and grounds and you can take dogs in (as long as they stay on their leashes), and the parking round about is not too bad.

Some pretty pictures from Dirleton Castle:


Doocot or Pigeon House

This one is the first one i have actually been inside and it was an interesting little building. This one could hold up to 2,000 pigeons and each little box held a mating pair. The pigeons could fly in and out of the hole at the top, now closed off with glass. Pigeons were used for their meat, eggs, and their droppings were used as fertilizer and in leather tanning and clothes dyeing.

We then moved onto another beautiful castle in East Lothian: Tantallon Castle.

An interesting castle, which is built up of only one wall, hard to explain but interesting! The location is stunning and the views from the top of the castle are glorious and span right out to the Bass Rock. Again, you have to pay to get in. But you can take dogs around and again it is about a 30/45 minute long round trip.




We finished our day out with a little walk around North Berwick harbour, which is beautiful







Chloe out.

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