Locating the Nest

Today I visited the “Locating the Nest” exhibition at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.


This is the statement made on the flyer:

“Locating the Nest is the response of three artists, Hugh Bryden, Lizzie Farey and Tom Pow, to the nest as reality and as metaphor.

It is an exhibition/website about looking.

It is about reflecting.

It is about location, but also about engagement.

How do we engage with the nest in the 21st century?

In exploring possible answers to this question, Locating the Nest becomes part of the contemporary concern with the natural world – seen in the “new nature writing” and in the growth of land/environmental art.”

It’s an interesting concept, reading that made me realize that the exhibition focused more on what the nest represents and less about the nest itself.


Lizzie Faery‘s work is stylized as 3-dimensional works made from natural materials, mostly stick-like materials. Her observations and explorations of the nest is done through the materials she uses and the forms she creates. Her works appears delicate and is intricate in it’s structures , she takes on the role of the creatures who build nests and through that she becomes intimate with their endevours.

Tom Pow is a poet and writer who, after travelling through Europe working on the “Dying Villages” project, started writing poems about nests. From the poems written on the walls at the exhibition and a quick browse through the Dying Villages website I came to see his poetry was concerned with themes of home, loneliness and abandonment.

Hugh Brydon is a printmaker, his work reminds me of botanical illustrations and the recurring image of the nest conjures up an idea of a symbol, but this symbol is ever changing and adapting into different forms which gives the impression of layers and the construction of the full idea.

Much like the rest of this summer it was raining on our trip, so we didn’t venture out into the garden to visit the other sculpture, but by peeking through the dripping windows we could see that we were missing out as this sculpture floating in the pond is beautiful.

I have just found their facebook page which encourages visitors of the exhibition to consider what the nest means to them and submit an image, drawing or piece of writing as a response….. I think I may get creative and doodle what a nest means to me…… look out for that post….. coming soon!


If you fancy a visit the exhibition is on until the 22nd of July, from 10am to 6pm and is located at the John Hope Gateway ground floor and in the gardens at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.


Chloe out.


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