Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 5: Castles, cream tea and choo choo trains!

Good morning campers! After our fairly pleasant (i say fairly because at some horrifically early am time a very loud man started drunkenly shouting right outside our tent… well maybe not right outside but it certainly sounded that way!) slug-free night sleep in out little pop-tent, myself and Jamie awoke to a brewing pot of tea on Pingu’s stove and tales of how tiny his bed was! Bloody Henderson parents cannae quit moaning about our big blue friend!

Anyhoo, over a cearealy breakfast we discussed plans for our day.

A trip on an old steam train out into Corfe.

After a little walk down from the campsite and through the local Swanage market,we arrived at the very pretty little train station of Swanage. There is something really relaxing about sitting on a train watching the scenic countryside float past the rain droplet filled window, and as this Swanage Railway train is an old-fashioned vintage train it is even more beautiful to sit within.


First stop in Corfe was at a little cafe,with stunning views over Corfe Castle, for a spot of lunch and a cream tea.


View of the castle with a very happy, and not bored at all, Jamie!


Pretty little birdy looking out for crumbs.



om nom nom nom cream tea!


We then wandered up the cobbled grey limestone path to Corfe Castle.


View from the castle out into Corfe.


Walking around the castle was a little odd, it is in complete ruins, so much so that each little section could almost be it’s own castle.


And there are a lot of precarious looking walls… that look as though the might topple over with one gust of wind!


This topply wall is my favourite!


We walked back down into the little village of Corfe and wandered around the little shops and sights.


Cheeky gargoyle up top of a church.


We decided to pop into Corfe Model Village

It was interesting walking around the tiny village and comparing the fully-formed castle to the ruin that it is now.


Teehee i love this guy!


There was a bit of a magical mystical faery theme going around these gardens, i didn’t really get the connection but it was cute!

Jamie being a wizard!


I always call these things Thistle Mice because we used to make little mice out of the dried plants, i’m not sure what they are actually called, but i think they are pretty.




Checkers: not even fun when life sized!


The happy couple!


And back to the railway station!


Don’t you wish all stations look liked this?


We arrived back into Swanage and meandered around the little shops, buying bits and pieces here and there. I found a wonderful little shop called Rainbow’s End which was essentially the epitome of my wardrobe and if i had had lots and lots of money i would have bought everything!

After out shopping trip, Dad and i felt like a wee stroll down Swanage Pier. It was a beautiful pier and perfect in the setting sun.


All the way along the pier where these brass plaques, which you would expect to see filled with names and dates, which some were, but most of them had more unique and special messages. It was really nice walking along the pier and reading all these little pieces of conversation and lasting words.


Views from the pier.


I’m not sure what this building was supposed to be, but i loved this little bit of street art.


Dinner time!


Om nom nom.

Today was a glorious day and now off to bed…. well sort of!

Night night.

Stay tuned for installment 6!

Chloe out.

Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 4: Our first journey in a campervan!

It’s day 4 of our little holiday.

It is our last day in Eastbourne and today is our first ever time travelling in a campervan together!

Here is Ron waving us off!

Bye bye wonderful Woods/Harris family :)

Teeheehee check out Daddy Cupcake driving the campervan………… with a smile!

Jamie kicking it back in Pingu with his book.

Feeling the love…………………….. with millions and millions of cushions!

Pingu’s first stop was a beautiful pebbly beach in………… um…………. i’ve totally forgotten where it was….. erm…… somewhere on the way from Eastbourne to Swanage! It was very pretty, although a tad chilly so we didn’t stat for long.

Next stop was lunch at a cutely kitsch lovely little country pub in the middle of nowhere!

Mmmmmmmmmmm pea soup!


After our meandering little journey (with the odd detour!) we arrived in Swanage.

We set up Pingu and his awning and headed down into the little town of Swanage and wandered along the seafront.


Arghhhhh! It’s a dalek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXTERMINATE!


Awesome name for a brewery:


Dinner time!

We had an almost nice fishy dinner on the seafront in a shack…. it was almost nice.

Made all the better by an ice-cream on the harbour :)


Stay tuned for the next installment!

Chloe out.

Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 3: Girls on tour!

Today we headed out to Brighton to meet up with the hungover girls on tour!

Brighton is a beautiful place, vibrant, lots of shops, interesting streets, beautiful seafront and generally great atmosphere…. wish i had had longer to wander around the shops…. i didn’t even make it to the infamous Erotic Boutique.

Our first stop was the Royal Pavilion.

Dad had mentioned it a few times before we went and how he was looking forward to seeing it because it was a remarkable building. I knew nothing about and deliberately didn’t look at a photo before going so it would be more interesting and my oh my it is! It’s crazy on the outside and inside. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take photos inside so i have had to pinch some of google (if you see your photo here and wanna claim credit just hit me up and i’ll pop your name in), but i did take some outside:

Isn’t it just insane?!

You don’t quite get the full impact from the photos (go visit, it’s pretty amazing) but everything is just incredibly over the top and really bizarre!

Yup… insane!

After all that we headed off to Brighton Pier, which apart from being rammed with people and full of tackyness was quite nice, and had stunning views over Brighton’s seafront:

This is the remnants of another pier in Brighton, which if i remember correctly, was destroyed in some real nasty hurricaney weather, rebuilt and then caught fire and burnt down, which is ashame but has left something beautiful in its wake.

It was really bizarre standing on the pier and watching the birds fly below you!

I still can’t get over how blue the water is! Us Scotlanders are used to dismal grey waters, but being here makes it feel like we’re abroad!

After our wander down the pier,we headed out around the streets of Brighton. Trying to take in all sights before heading back to Eastbourne.



On our way back to Eastbourne we passed by two chalk carvings in the hills.

The first being a White Horse.

There are estimated to be around 24 chalk carvings in Britain. Contrary to popular belief, most white horses are not of great antiquity. Only the Uffington white horse is of a certain prehistoric origin, about three thousand years old. Most of the others are from the past three hundred years.

“There are actually two white horses on the hill, the first is no more, lasting only until the 1920’s, cut either in 1838 by James Pagden of Frog Firle Farm and his two brothers, to commemorate the coronation of Queen Victoria or in 1860 by two youths who saw a patch of bare chalk in the turf that looked like a horses head and added the body. The second, still visible today and in very good condition was cut in 1924 by John T, Ade, Mr. Bovis and Eric Hobbis. The three men cut the horse overnight with a full moon to see by so as to startle the locals with the sudden appearance of the horse in the morning and make the men famous.” Source.


Next is The Long Man.

The origins of the long man aren’t known but he is thought to have been created in the 16th or 17th century. And it’s symbolism ranges from pagan deities to druids or shamans or symbols of death or maybe a shadow, nobody seems to really know! But he is still rather pretty. I think it looks like the shadow of a hill walker with two walking poles…. but what do i know!?



Today my music feature is music we discovered today in Brighton. While sitting eating our lunch outdoors in a street cafe there were a band playing beside us called The Turbans. When they finished their wee set, a woman came around with a hat for us to drop pennies into and had we not given all our money to the parking machines wouldn’t have had to pay a tenner for their album because we felt guilty! We are too nice! But quite glad we did end up with the cd as it makes for pleasant easy listening, although like the wine you buy on holiday it isn’t quite as good when you bring it home.

Anyway here is the only clip i managed to find of them on youtube:

The Turbans


Stay tuned for Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 4

Chloe out.

Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 2: Falling off cliffs.

Today we were given the driving tour of Eastbourne!

It’s a beautiful little town, quite typical of what you would think of if i said “British seaside town” but with nice weather.

Our first stop was Beachy Head and it’s glorious chalk cliffs:

No mum, i didn’t actually fall off!

This doesn’t really show it off but man it was high up!

Isn’t it beautiful? They are the tallest chalk sea cliffs in Britain, and if i remember rightly are over 500ft and is apparently one of the most notorious suicide points in the world…….

Recognize anything?

Looks familiar, eh?

The lighthouse above was built because the one below is basically a bit useless. The one below has had to be moved various times (at great expense) to prevent it falling off the cliff and even when it is operational cannot be seen on a misty night… and in my opinion isn’t very pretty at all but then they built the one above to solve the problems and it is beautiful and fully operational… but who am i to judge all the horrific buildings in the world.

Next stop was the Towner Art Gallery

The exhibition on at the time was Harold Mockford: A Retrospective of a Sussex Painter

His works were not exactly the type of work that i would normally like, but wandering around the gallery and seeing the real life paintings threw my preferences away and i found myself enjoying the art and liking the work. Here are some of my favourites:


Night Rider to the Long Man (you will see more of the Long Man in tomorrow’s post).

When the Lights Come On

We wandered around the permanent collection too. It contained a nice wee collection of artworks representing some of Eastbourne and the surrounding areas characteristics and scenes, and these are the pieces that stuck out for me:

Rough Sea Eric Slater

Roland Collins Beachy Head from Belle Tout

Edward Loxton Knight Seven Sisters

Tania Kovats Strike

This is made from mostly MDF. I love how it looks like an impression taken from a cliff. The fact that it looks like a lump of rock that has been broken off a cliff and dumped in a museum is interesting when you consider that it’s a man-made sculpture. I like how it appears to be a cliff miniaturized and because of that allows all the individual indents to become more apparent and more special and beautiful.

John Piper Newhaven

Bill Brandt East Sussex Coast

My dad’s comment on this one was “you could park a bike in that one” which made me giggle but i still think it’s a beautiful photograph.


After more car cruising we stopped off at Eastbourne Pier for a wander and more importantly an ice-cream!

Although a little tired and in need of a splash of paint, Eastbourne Pier was rather pretty, excluding the tacky stalls, and it has great views out over Eastbourne’s seafront.

Look at all that blue sky!


My song of the day is:

Milton Nascimento  Tudo Que Você Podia Ser



Look out for the next installment: Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 3

Chloe out.

Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 1: Arriving in Wonderland

The first day or our beautiful little journey.

I wrote all of these posts on the actual days, and have waited until now to post them and attach all the suitable imagery. So, read it with the past me talking, or the present me…. i’m not so sure. Anyway, just thought i’d mention that!

Today we drove all the way from Edinburgh to Eastbourne in The Beast!

(yup that is me and my little brother camwhoring and tweeting in the car… coz we iz boreddddddd!)

It took forever and ever and ever.

But we eventually arrived in Vicarage Road and spotted, not only our digs for the weekend, but our ride/h0me for the rest of the week! Pingu the big blue campervan!

But before we get to any of that campervanning i must tell you about Sara and Steve’s house.

It’s kick-ass!

I should have taken loads of pictures of it, but i didn’t, because i’m useless (/i blame the intoxication and Mediterranean style weather…). However, i have managed to nick quite a few offa Steve’s facebook page! So cheers my love!

Steve is an amazing artist, regardless of what he tells you, and has painted all around their house.

This is Zak’s old bedroom, and the bedroom i was lucky enough to sleep in.

I got to wake up staring up into those beautiful clouds and dreaming i was in a fairytale.

Up the top is Steve and Sara’s wonderful, nautical bedroom and painted on the walls are two portholes:

The first on is similar to the photos you’ll see tomorrow, and an accurate representation of Eastbourne and the second more of a crazy fantasy land.

And there is more fantasy down the stairs with board game chairs!

And meet their wonderful, amazing cat Ron, whom I have stolen. And you can just see Rossi (spelling?) on the left. Here are more photos i took of Ron, and would have taken of Rossi if he had posed for long enough!

My favourite room was the bathroom, and you can see why:

This little piece of the room on the window is my favourite bit. I love the colours and the flowing radial pattern, and the fading of night into day.

It was beautiful walking up and down the many stairs, because the walls were covered in photoframes, not only containing pretty family photos but also more of Steve’s art. So, as i am waxing on about how awesome he is, here is more:


Old Rope Comix

Friendly neighbourhood weirdo….

Old Pa Woods and Joolz

OLD ROPE COMIX  Captain Wobbly-Tit

Pub (and self-professed “best pic i ever drew!)


Uncle Reg

This piece is apparently unfinished.

Here is some of his ipad art. Steve kinda dismissed the whole ipad art thing and similar to me decided it wasn’t really art. But the first time he got hold of the thing he produced this amazing piece of work and it IS art (fucking beautiful art):

Here are more:

This is on of my favourite at the moment, more because of the story behind it. It’s called “Foot of the cross” Take a minute and just look at it, before reading on, and think about what it means to you and what it says to you.

You think horror? sadness? misery? right? this man is watching something horrific being played out before him and he is responding with a pain-stricken expression across his face? Well, you would be wrong. What you thought is what everybody thinks about this piece, but after talking to the artist and asking what he was drawing you find out it is so different. This work depicts a man who is the type of”sad bastard” who goes and watches hangings for the fun of it, the kind who gets off on it and enjoys it. So the expression on his face is more of a dumb joy than horror. I love art like this, double meanings. This wee story behind it is what makes it what it is and makes it special, this wee story is as much a part of the art as the work itself.

Have some more ipad art:

If i had been smarter, i would have taken loads more photos, but alas i’m not, so you’ll have to wait until Steve posts more to facebook and then i’ll share them with you. Or go and share the love and befriend him on facebook and tell him how awesome he is!

Since i always listen to loads of music on holiday while travelling i always have one song or another stuck in my head, so i thought i would do a little song feature everyday and introduce (or remind you of) to some awesome music.

My song of the day is:

Laghonia Bahia


Stay tuned for Pingu the big blue campervan! Day 2

Chloe out.

A little trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park with Teenie and Mags!

Today we had a little trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park.

We obviously had to pick a day that was pissing with rain! But we still managed to have a pretty good time.

I hadn’t been there since i was just a wee ‘un. I don’t think it’s changed all that much. Having been to the zoo recently, i found myself comparing the two. Although the zoo is better in quality, Blair Drummond has quite a few animals that the zoo doesn’t and that the zoo probably should and one other thing is that the animals in Blair Drummond have much more space to roam around in, whereas some of the zoo enclosures are quite small and sad. Like i said on my zoo post, i still don’t know if i like zoos and anywhere where animals are caged up or not… what are your thoughts?

Anyhooo….. here are some pretty pictures from our trip:











Hope you enjoyed them!

Chloe out.

Sharing: where do you draw the line?

I found myself having a bit of an odd reflective moment.

I was listening to a new piece of music, and thinking to myself how awesome it is to find something new that you love and can just sit and enjoy and “tweet it” floated across my mind mid-way through the song. I picked up my computer to do that very thing and had to stop myself. I was ruining my little this-song-is-awesome-sit-and-fucking-enjoy-listening-to-it-moment. Okay, there are lots of wee moments in life that i want to share and want other people to share my feelings with, but where do you draw the line? No, seriously, i’m asking you. I don’t have the answers.

I do love sharing.

I love it when other people can glimpse into my life and see what i see, but when does that become to much? When does it start taking away from the realness of my life? my in the moment life? am i just living my life through a screen, through a keyboard, through a camera lens? when i’m doing this, where does the “real life” sit? and is my online life not my real life?

And yes, i do the see the irony in blogging about this!

Can you answer my questions?

I’d love some insight.

Oh, and if you were interested the song was “Bahia” by Laghonia


Take a few minutes out from your screen and just sit and listen to it. Or if you’re not a fan, put on something you love and relax into it. Listen to it and nothing else.

Chloe out.