The unforgettable dream.

I had a dream the other night, as you do, nothing about that is remarkable. But, it was so perfect, not the dream in it’s entirety, as usual i can’t really remember what happened around the part that is haunting me. There was this one moment, this one blissful piece that i can’t get out of my head. And it was so real. So devastatingly heartbreakingly real. If it had been a real moment in my life it would be one of those beautiful moments that i would remember and cherish for the rest of my life. The dream floats through my brain, and i can not only see the image as a picture but i can feel the sensations, i can feel the touch, i can feel the emotions stirring from within the dream and cliche as it sounds it is killing me because i know it was just a dream and it will never happen within reality. Everytime it pops into my mind, there is a second of pure heartfelt emotion and then the scream of angst arrrrggggghhhhh! This has happened to me once before, a similar occurance within the dream and i still can’t shake it. Is it just me? Have you ever had this happen?

Ironically the one dream i don’t want to remember i cannot forget.



My apologies if you were expecting more from this post. It was selfish and self-indulgent but I wanted to write this down somewhere and why not here.


Chloe out.


The amazing wonderful Diane running with the Olympic Flame!

Today the Olympic Flame was run through my little town of Dalkeith.

Myself, the Esk Valley Rotary crowd (and a hell of a lot of other people) turned out to cheer on Diane Cunningham as she ran madly through the streets holding the flame high in the glorious sunny sky.

I thought I would share Diane’s nomination story with you, before the pretty pictures, because it is truly beautiful.

“I am now aged 58 and I have done voluntary work for 35 years and I absolutely love it. I have been a Samaritan, delivered meals on wheels, been on the community council and my current voluntary job is with a local young persons sexual and mental health clinic which I have been involved with for the past 12 years and now the Chairperson. i am also a rotarian and we do inumerable good pieces of work for our local and indeed international communities who need all the help they can get. I now have a recurrance of Breast Cancer which I had 16 years ago which unfortunately has come back into my spine. I am very well at the moment and would like to do this for my family (who are distraught) to show them that its not all doom and gloom and give them something extra special to remember me by and what is more special than the Olympics and the flame that never dies, diane xx”

I don’t know Diane very well, but from the few times I have met her, I can see why she was chosen to the carry the flame. Diane is one of those few beautifully, lovely happy people, the sort of person you can just not be miserable around.

Check the crowd!


Here come the runners.

Not quite sure what this is, but I love it!

Nice to see that everything is sponsored by coke.

Samsung party bus!

And then everbody booooo’d.

And then cheered!

And then cheered even more!!!!! GO DIANE!




Chloe out.


Liquorice Allsorts Jewellery

My liquorice allsorts jewellery is back!

Yup, you should be excited.

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Chloe out.

I Survived the Royal Jubilee Weekend Muddy Meltdown!

For the Jubilee weekend we headed down south for a weekend of camping…. in the rain…. and the mud.

Cold and wet.

Warming our arses by the fire.

Splish splash spilsh splash!

Reuben decided to jump into every single puddle on the way to the pub, because my dad made him cry by stopping him jump in the first puddle. It’s good to know little kids have a sense of spite.


Reuben has sticked.

Mud sausage.

Gopsall Temple:

The graffiti carving is so old in this part that moss has grown out from it.

Although there were carvings all over this temple, the fact that it was carved into the stone added something to it and it didn’t seem to ruin it, like a lot of graffiti.

Chloe was here.