Etching samples (HELP ME) and the last life drawing session ever :(

I’ve been working on some etching samples.

For my final brooch piece I plan to use the etching technique as the main focus of the work, as my research has all been looking into the ways in which we interpret words, and illustration plays a huge part in that, etching seems to be the most logical route forward.

I’ve made up a few samples (copper and brass) to test out my drawing-on-metal skills as well as figuring out how long I need to expose the metal to the acid, how thinly/thickly to apply the etching ground solution and how to finish the pieces, including testing out the polishing machines.

I like to start off the etching by drawing my image onto the dry etching grounds with a light pencil stroke. If you’re a beginner etcher I would suggest following this tip because it makes the process easier and once you make a mistake with your etching tool it is really tricky and messy to fix!

This is what the etching looks like pre-acid bath. The black bits will switch places with the coppery bits when the piece is finished. Often when I’m etching I find myself liking this pre-etched image a lot and find it hard to stick it in the acid!

After removing the etching grounds with white spirit, you can burn off the excess stubborn bits and then pickle your etching.

These pieces are all just out the pickle, so now I must oxidize them:

Cut the cupcake!

All these next pieces are finished, rounded corners or filed down and polished (because they are so shiny it’s hard to take a good picture with all the reflection so apologies for the bad images):



I’ve started the etching for my final piece. I’ve narrowed it down to two images and I really couldn’t decide which one to pick so I have etched them both. Which one do you think is better/represents love the best?



It was the last official life drawing session last Friday :( We don’t get scheduled life drawing in 3rd year but I think I will still try and sit in on some of the classes, because as much as I always moan about it I do really like life drawing and I think it’s really important for the jewellery course because I am dealing with designs that (mostly) have to relate and are harmony (or not depending on what yr up to) with the human body. Anyhoo, hope you like these ones and as ever your comments are epically appreciated.

Yes, I made his nose massive. I didn’t realize it was so big until I was finished. In my defense, this life model does have quite a large nose!


Chloe out.


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