A twitterview with Jen Campbell

A twitterview with Jen Campbell


@aeroplanegirl: Chloe! I just realised that I haven’t done the Twitter interview. Sorry! If you want to do it now, I’m all yours.

@ChloeHenderson9: fantastic! I am on a twitterviewing roll tonight!

an easy, little self-indulgence to start with: what’s your favourite word(s) and why?

@aeroplanegirl: skeleton, circus, onomatopoeia… I’m not sure why. I just think they’re pretty.

@ChloeHenderson9: how would you describe the importance of reading and writing in everyday life?

@aeroplanegirl: I think reading [and writing], if we’re going to get down to the heart of it, helps us understand life better.

@ChloeHenderson9: what do you think the effects of the internet (twitter,blogging, etc.) are on our literature and our literacy?

@aeroplanegirl: On the plus: it’s helped the promotion of books. It’s also helped us engage with writers and other readers directly.

@ChloeHenderson9: where there is a plus there is a negative?

@aeroplanegirl: The internet feeds the Amazon giant.

@ChloeHenderson9: where do you think the value of storytelling sits in our modern world?

@aeroplanegirl: Storytelling will always be up there: we have a need for stories, for information, for gossip. It’s a way of communicating.

@ChloeHenderson9: do you mourn the loss of handwritten letters? or do you like instant digital responses? or do you still write letters?

@aeroplanegirl: I still write letters! Lots of them. Email’s great, but nothing beats a handwritten letter.

@ChloeHenderson9: last one: if there was one book/poem/tweet/song/etc. that you think the whole world should read, what would it be?

@aeroplanegirl: Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass: “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.”

@ChloeHenderson9: thank you so much for this little twitterview, it has been a delight and I really appreicate your insights :)

@aeroplanegirl: thank YOU. :) It was fun. x


Thank you Jen for this beautiful little twitterview. As a contemporary author I really appreciate her insights into the world of language and literature and am grateful for the sharing of her thoughts. Jen Campbell is a wonderful writer, poet, author of “Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops” and bookstore owner in London. Check her out on her blog and follow her on twitter at @aeroplanegirl for witty tweets about the patrons of Ripping Yarns!

Thanks again Jen :)


Chloe out.


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