A twitterview with Jamie Henderson

A twitterview with Jamie Henderson

Us, back when we were still cute.

Jamie now.

@ChloeHenderson9: @jamiehenderson8 as my smelly little brother, can I twitterview you about language and literature?

@jamiehenderson8: yes madam cupcake.

@ChloeHenderson9: do you have time to talk now or should I come back later?

@jamiehenderson8: no you can do it now.

@ChloeHenderson9: a little self indulgence to start with, what is your favourite word(s) and why?

@jamiehenderson8: muffin because it has many meanings. And banana muffin cheesecake because it’s funny.

@ChloeHenderson9: how would describe the importance of reading and writing in our everyday lives?

@jamiehenderson8: writing is not very important but reading is very important.

because you read everything but you don’t have to write everything.

@ChloeHenderson9: in that case, where would you suggest the reading comes from if writing isn’t important?

@jamiehenderson8: stop being a smart arse!

@ChloeHenderson9: stop making me need to be!

what do you think the affects of the Internet (blogging, twitter, etc.) are on out literature and our literacy?

@jamiehenderson8: people use slang a lot more, which is bad because it makes people talk like lolz and that’s stupid.

for books it’s useful because you can access them a lot easier so people can read more.

@ChloeHenderson9: where do you think the value of storytelling sits in our world today?

@jamiehenderson8: I think it is valued because it gives people better imaginations. Like right now I’m on a unicorn!

@ChloeHenderson9: wow, are you? I’m very jealous!

do your mourn the loss of handwritten letters? Or do you prefer instant digital responses? Or do you still write letters?

@jamiehenderson8: I prefer to use the computer because my handwriting is HORRIBLE! But with special things like love letters or letters…

…from relatives I think it’s nice if the are handwritten because it makes it feel like there is more effort in it.

@ChloeHenderson9: well start writing letters to me then!

last one if there was one book, poem, tweet, song, etc that you think everybody in the world should read, what would it be?

@jamiehenderson8: Gotye’s somebody i used to know because it’s a good song.

@ChloeHenderson9: thank you very much for this little Twitterview smelly boy, I appreciate your insights :)

@jamiehenderson8: thank you very much for having me Chloe cupcake!


Thank you lovely little brother for letting me twitterview you. Follow Jamie on twitter at @jamiehenderson8


Chloe out.


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