A twitterview with Angelia Santangeli

A twitterview with Angelia Santangeli

@ChloeHenderson9: @asantangeli beautiful jeweller woman! Fancy a twitterview about language and literature?

@asantangeli: why not! Fire away :)

@ChloeHenderson9: fantastic! An easy, little self-indulgence to start with: what is your favourite word(s) and why?

@asantangeli: I really like the word “pie” because I think it sounds cute, and ricochet because I like the way it sounds :)

@ChloeHenderson9: ooo ricochet… I like that. A new one for my fabourite words list!

How would you describe the importance of reading and writing in everyday life?

@asantangeli: extremely inportant, nothing beats a good book, and as for writing.. I write everyday, It’s such a stress release for me!

@ChloeHenderson9: do you like writing fiction/stories/creative writing or is it the actual act of a pen scribbling across the paper?

@asantangeli: I never write stories, its thoughts, dreams, things I don’t want to forget, and hunners of doodles!

@ChloeHenderson9: everyday writing as a captured art form then! Love it.

how valued do you think storytelling is in our world today?

@asantangeli: very important! It’s not just fairy tales, stories go through EVERY aspect of a persons life, stories of family memories,

stories about times past, stories about your parents (u get the idea). I think a persons stories are half of who there are.

@ChloeHenderson9: what do you think the affects of the internet (blogging, twitter, etc.) are on our literacy and our literature?

@asantangeli: well.. Its all fine until people start to talk to each other, face to face, in “text talk” haha, I do think that

the e books are sadly killing the good old paperback, and that’s a real shame, that’s going to be a real loss :(

@ChloeHenderson9: I’d like to think that “vintage” real books are going to go the way of vinyl – treasured and loved, even when not mainstream.

I think I know where you stand on this next question, but I shall ask it anyway…

[Angelia is a fellow handwritten letter lover]

@asantangeli: hahs iam intrigued go ahead :)

@ChloeHenderson9: Do you mourn the loss of the handwritten letter? Or do you like instant digital responses? Or do you still write letters?

@asantangeli: I LOVE written letters, theres something so charming and personal in a handwritten letter, yea a computer response is

faster and easier, it’s just not the same. The best way I can describe it is, if you were upset and needed sympathy, a

handwritten letter is like a giant hug, an email is simply a pat on the back, just no warmth, you get what I mean? :)

@ChloeHenderson9: I totally do!

Last one: if there was one book/song/poem/tweet/etc. that you think everybody in the world should read, what would it be?

@asantangeli: god that’s tough!! There are so many that I personally love, ok if I had to pick a book it would

be the time travellers wife- just brilliant and heartbreaking, poem- the owl and the pussycat, my favourite!

song- Brandon flowers- crossfire simply because of this one line “our dreams will break the boundries of our fears”

@ChloeHenderson9: beautiful beautiful choices. I challenge you to make a The Owl and the Pussycat piece of jewellery! Go. Now!

@asantangeli: i am already planning it! :D

@ChloeHenderson9: I look forward to it!

@asantangeli: and as for tweet “would anyone like to do a twitter view?” haha :)

@ChloeHenderson9: I will take that as a compliment and feel very honoured! Hahaha.

thank you very much beautiful woman for letting me twitterview you :) Your insights were wonderful.

@asantangeli: aw it’s a pleasure! Thanks for involving me :D


Thank you beautiful Angelia for this little twitterview. As a fellow jeweller and lover of the written word I really appreciate all your insights. If you have no idea who Angelia Santangeli is, head over to her blog and find out! Or follow her on twitter at @asantangeli

Thank you again Angelia :)

Wonderful post from Angelia about this twitterview: Please read the letter that I wrote…


Chloe out.



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