3D Workshop – Rhionceros

We have been messing around on Rhinoceros – a 3D drawing programme.

I can’t say I’m much of a computer goddess and was easily frustrated when I couldn’t get it to work but as soon as it did work….oh my it was fantastic!

Obviously for me real drawing will always be the one for me but this tool is just great.

Anyhoo, here are some images of the work we were doing (I forgot my memory stick that day, so these images were just taken with my camera!)


Cut-out heart ring.

Heart before it was cut out.

Simple rounded ring with some funky rainbows!

Square set stone ring shank.

Micky mouse ring setting!


Simple earring stud.

Rounded ruby set ring shank.

Simple rounded setting ring shank.

Why cut-out ring.

My design for a brooch.


We also got to visit the cloud 9 and haptic technology with a 3d printer room!

It was amazing.

The little ball/mouse (I forget the real name) works with cloud 9 (the 3D imaging programme)  and as you move it around the shape of the screen you can feel the shape as if it was real. It’s hard to describe but as you put pressure on the shape on the screen you can feel it through the ball.

We also got to have a wee nosey around the 3D printer:

It doesn’t look like much but that thing can print out anything you design in nylon. I really want to use it!


That was my fun for the day :)


Chloe out.



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