Slovenian jewellers feature

As my jewellery project this term is focusing on the identity of Slovenian culture. I thought I would add a little post with some contemporary Slovenian jewellery designers that I have discovered.

Olga Kosica

A beautiful jeweller. I especially love her work with feathers, so delicate and the photography of the rings immersed in the water adds a whole new level to the qualities of the piece, it gives them added life and makes them seem more alive.

Dalija Sega

The work is simple and elegant and very wearable.

Gijs Bakker

I’m really into his jewellery. It’s really beautiful and something I could see myself wearing. I love the conceptual elements to the work and the simple photographic styles combined with the metal.

This is a neckpiece ^ titled Embrace <—simply beautiful!


Petra Bole

Unique and quite quirky jewellery styles using precious and non-precious materials.


These are the jewellers I have found so far. If you have any recommendations of Slovenian jewellers that I could look at please drop me a comment, I’d really appreciate your help :) Thank you.


Chloe out.


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