Summary of Border Crossings Project 2/Figuring out what I actually did!

And now project two is over! Oh my, time just runs away doesn’t it?

If you have read some of my previous posts you’ll know that this module is called Border Crossings and we have been looking at identity. In project one it was all about self-identity and drawing. I looked at text, words, music, poetry, blogging, storytelling, books, twittering and everything else wordy that I love and produced a small series of drawings on that along with some contextual research, you can see the outcomes here.

For project two, I continued with the theme of all things wordy but looked at it as the culture of literature and language.

I wanted to figure out a way to create a piece (or a line) of jewellery that captured how we (as humanity, and not necessarily as Scots (my culture) or on a wider scale as Brits) feel about words, storytelling, literacy, language, etc. etc.

Through a little bit of research and my series of twitterviews (which I am still conducting if you want to be involved, just click on twitterview and you can find out how to) I have discovered just how much we really value all things wordy.

I presented my work into four main boards, which represents four of the ideas that I was looking at.


Board 1

This board focused on the illustrative avenues of storytelling that I’ve been engaged in forever. I’ve always loved translating text into images. As the bottom part explains, it goes from the inspiration (story, poem, song, tweet, etc.) to a drawing, to a design, into a sample and then eventually into a finished piece of jewellery. I’ve been looking at illustrators as well as jewellers for this idea. I love storytelling. Sometime I can’t always get the words out but I can draw you a picture. I probably can’t tell you just how much I loved PJ Harvey’s To Bring You My Love but looking at the images above can you tell now?

I think this is the idea that I am going to pursue and continue with because I have enjoyed it the most and I’m really getting into it.

As our next project is looking at another culture (for us it is Ljubljana in Slovenia), I’m going to try and figure out what the wordy culture is over there and perhaps take a piece of Slovenian text, translate it and convert it into an image and then a brooch……. that is my plan at the moment anyway….. it may change! I’m an artist and a woman. Yeah, I change my mind all the time.


Board 2

This board was looking at the concept of instant jewellery. As you may be able to tell with My Thought For The Day Blog I really like doodling all over myself! so this idea came pretty naturally. I like the idea that anybody can create jewellery, and with these kinds of ideas you could do it anywhere, anytime and all it takes is a spark of creativity. I’m sure some of you already doodle all over yourselves already and don’t really need me to package you up a pen but I can see myself working on this idea in the future (if not with this project) and trying to come up with something a little bit different……..


Board 3

This board was generated with my experimentation of how to include text in jewellery. As you can see I went wiry! There are quite a lot of ways to add text into jewellery and I experimented with a few of them: acid etching, cut out metal, inclusions in resin and wire! The wire bends wonderfully to the needs of the text, but some words/letters work out better than others. w is great r is a pain in the arse as is a, actually arse would be a pain in the arse to bend in wire! I think I have got all I wanted out of this technique. I may bring it back later on but for now I think I’ve done enough with it.

The In My Mind brooch (third image down), combined the wire skills with some hand-sawn metal that was looking at the removal of text and the shapes of bulks of words in order to add a value to the missing words. I quite like how it worked out and I think I may pursue the idea of removing text/including text in unobvious places and in ways that add something to the overall feel of the words.


Board 4

This board has no samples nor is it a fully formed idea. It kind of snuck up on me last minute and begged me to feature it, which I did happily but also unhappily as I didn’t really know what I was trying to feature. The basic idea is looking at a book as art and trying to add a value to the words inside. Whereas the examples that I have looked at (right side of the board) all look at booky art, my piece would most likely be separate from the actual book and would focus a great deal on the actual words themselves, to try and increase their value.

In the end I will probably not use this idea because it is a little ghostly and I can’t quite grab at it, I am only seeing the edges; it needs a few years to form in my mind and jump out at me!n However I may use book art as a way of presenting my final piece.


As ever, your comments and thoughts would be greatly greatly appreciated.

And now it is onto project three!!!


Chloe out.


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