A twitterview with Cynthia von Buhler

A twitterview with Cynthia Von Buhler

@ChloeHenderson9: @CynthVonBuhler as a beautiful storyteller and illustrator, can I twitterview you about language and literature in our world today?


@ChloeHenderson9: great! do you have time to talk now or should I come back later?

@CynthVonBuhlerlet me make coffee. 12:30?

@ChloeHenderson9: of course. I’m UK, when is 12:30?! haha!

@CynthVonBuhlerLet’s start in 15 minutes.

@ChloeHenderson9: see you in 15, enjoy your coffee :)

@CynthVonBuhlerShould we invite our twitter followers to participate?

@ChloeHenderson9: yeah, that would be great! I have 5 questions, everybodies and anybodies insights would be wonderful.

A twitterview from me to @CynthVonBuhler about literature and language… who has a clever hash tag name?!

@CynthVonBuhlerI’m here and ready

@ChloeHenderson9: I’m excited! Do we have a hashtag yet…?

@CynthVonBuhlerAsk me questions. Anything. Use #cvbinterview

@ChloeHenderson9: Listen up everybody awake on twitter! Comment on my twitterview with @CynthVonBuhler using #cvbinterview and add your insights :)

Question one: an easy little self-indulgence to start with, what is your favourite word(s) and why?

@CynthVonBuhlerMy favorite word is “archipelago.” It flows like music off your tongue.

@ChloeHenderson9: Love it. How would you describe the importance of reading and writing in our everyday lives?

@CynthVonBuhlerCrucial to understanding human nature

Reading helps humans understand each other and the world we live in.

Don’t forget the #cvbinterview

@ChloeHenderson9: oh noes! I’ve totally been forgetting that! It’s hard to fit it all in 140 charcters!

What do you think the effects of the internet (twitter, blogging, etc.) are on our literature and our literacy?

@CynthVonBuhlerTwitter allows us to have a dialogue with authors we admire. That was never possible before.

Twitter also forces us to get to the point.

@ChloeHenderson9: just like I’m doing now :)


@ChloeHenderson9: Where do you think the value of storytelling sits in our modern world?

@CynthVonBuhlerAs a child I saw a film where a donkey w/huge ears was trying to reach an “archipelago.” 1st time I heard it.

Storytelling sit right here in my lap.

@ChloeHenderson9: do you mourn the loss of the handwritten letter? Or prefer instant digital respones? Or do you still write?

@CynthVonBuhlerI miss the smell and feel of handwritten letters. I’ve started to frame some of my favorite letters.

I used to run to the mailbox to connect with the world. Now I have the world in my hand.

@ChloeHenderson9: I’ll have to write you a letter so you can run back out to your mailbox and smell it!

@CynthVonBuhlerI’d love that.

I wish email had the new mail smell. Someday?

@ChloeHenderson9: now that is an invention! Somebody needs to get on that….

it’s interesting that you consider the internet to be the whole world?

@CynthVonBuhlerIt’s the same world that would have sent me a letter.

Someday it will be the whole world. We’ll be chipped at birth.

@ChloeHenderson9: Last question. If there was one book/poem/tweet/song/etc. that you think the whole world should read, what would it be?

@CynthVonBuhlerMy existential answer Is That All There Is? by Peggy Lee. My positive answer is…

…the dictionary. Write your own story, poem or song. Everyone has an important story to tell.

@ChloeHenderson9: Thank you very much @CynthVonBuhler for letting my twitterview you. Your insights were beautiful.

I love being able to connect with incredibly talented people, such as yourself @CynthVonBuhler so thank you twitter!

And thank you to all the insights in the #cvbinterview please continue to add them.

@CynthVonBuhlerThank you.

Before you leave…what is your favorite word? @ChloeHenderson9

@ChloeHenderson9: I’m not used to answering the questions!

iridescent I think. I love the way it sounds, so delicate, like it will just fly away.

@CynthVonBuhlerIridescent is a lovely word. You should go here to swim in iridescent water. I did. http://www.biobay.com/
@ChloeHenderson9: wow! That looks amazing. I really wanna go!
@CynthVonBuhler& my followers for a delightful group interview. You can read it here: #cvbinterview

I have to go swim in an “archipelago.” Feel welcome to keep the favorite words coming. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archipelago

Thank you very much Cynthia Von Buhler for letting my twitterview you about all things wordy. It was wonderful. For anybody who doesn’t know who Cynthia is then you must check her out, she is a very talented artist, storyteller and general creative woman: check her out! and follow her on twitter @CynthVonBuhler



Responses from the hashtag #cvbinterview

on what is your favorite word(s) and why:

@ajaxrayovac: my favorite word surprisingly has more than four letters :) pal ajax

@DJTightyWhitey: I’m partial to “gammaglobulin”, myself.

@Stinkerbelle74: Riboflavin! is super fun to say, IMO…it’s just a B vitamin, but I like saying it like a Superhero’s name

@onlyguyatzumba: Sesquipedalian or loquaciousness

@VicMaundrell: Mine is Shellac! Say it over n over:-) 2nd favorite is Punjab. Its fun to say!

Thank you very much to everybody who commented and shared their insights, I really appreciate it. If you wanna comment on the Cynthia Von Buhler twitterview then get onto twitter and use the #cvbinterview or if you would like to be twitterviewed by me or want to suggest someone for me to tweet with head over here.

Chloe out.


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